New Blogging Schedule – 6th March 2019

Dear Friends,

As some of you know I took a blogging break from 23rd November 2018.  I had such wonderful plans for my break.  But, life had other plans for me, to fall ill, to have my mother fall ill,  to get an unplanned project at work, and become a bit busier in my charity work, and all the other usual stuff.

Though it was a blogging break, I continued to share many old posts and a few new thoughts.

I am not a crazy planner person, but,  I think it is important to have some sort of schedule, some sort of routine.  Therefore, I have decided I will only blog once a week, and that it will be a Wednesday and the New Schedule will start from March 6th 2019.    It will be the first time I blog once a week.    But,  life still remains hectic, and if I want to be true to the purpose of this blog then it, for now, has to be once a week.

My content remains the same and hopefully, it is better quality.

So, with the bite of fresh orange, and the start of a new month, will start a new blogging schedule from the 6th March 2019 and I will also celebrate 3 years of blogging. 👏😊👏🖱🕯📝📚📍🏵🌸🌷

However, until then I will be quiet on preparing myself for March 2019.

NewSchedule 5 25th Feb 2019



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24 replies

  1. good for you for drawing boundaries – and I think once a week can be good – I was doing weekends for a while and really liked it – and in April I am going to start a new schedule – not sure what – 🙂

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  2. I am so happy for you that you have settled on a schedule that seems good to you. Life indeed has so many layers that we live at. I too am unable to choose to do as much as I would love to. I am also loving the guilt-free slowing down that has come to me, so I enjoy what I get to do. My blog posts are getting paced at more than a week apart, I am just going with the flow, as and when inspiration comes 🙂 Wish you the best of ease and joy!

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  3. Bella,
    I am happy you will be back soon & came up with a plan that will best fit your lifestyle. I find that when you put yourself on a schedule or routine– it helps keep yourself accountable and also lets us readers know what to expect and when each week! I am looking forward to March 6th 🙂


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  4. Life always has plans for us and it doesn’t care about our plans. That’s why I learned to just roll with it.

    However, I think that putting the “once a week” constraint on yourself has the chance to whip you back into shape.

    Best of luck!

    And happy early bloggiversary!

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