Becoming You….

Becoming you. Becoming me. Becoming the person you are today.

Planting the seeds today to become what you will be tomorrow.

From the day we are born, to going to school, to going to work, to….where we are now, we are always becoming..

To happy times, to sad times,  we are becoming.

To the hard times, the times of pain and hurt.

To the question, I have to forgive, but I don’t want to, but I have to.

To becoming, stronger and wiser because we have experienced pain and hurt and we were able to survive.

To reading that book, watching that film, that tv program, and to that conversation that changed your world view. To becoming wiser, humble and encouraged to grow. We are always becoming a better version of us.

To a personal health issue, or a health issue of a family member.  To our world turning upside down, and feeling like when will it ever end.   Here is to you, becoming you.

To all the hardships and unfair moments that make you who you are today.  Here is to you becoming you.

To the happy memories, of what seems to be another life, even another person on reflection.  But, it was you, yes it was you.  It leads to you becoming you, the you that stands in front of the mirror today.

We are always becoming us, every second of our life.  Therefore, never stop growing, striving and trying.  Never let hardships wipe you out, know that your history shows that you will pass any difficult phase.

Know that each test paper comes to make you stronger. Because you have the capacity to pass it.

Through the highs and lows of life, carry on becoming you.

Remember there is benefit in it all.

Don’t settle for less.  Don’t live a half-life.

We are unique, we are all different, our goals and aims are different.  Don’t short change yourself by following the aims of another that don’t align with your heart.

Sometimes, you have to move on from the comfort zone, as it weighs you down and doesn’t allow you to fly.

Always keep learning, growing, evolving and transforming.  Never stop becoming you.

Be humble, be bold. Be courageous, be enth8usiastic. Be you.  Be wise, be kind, be deliberate,  be patient.  Be you.

Don’t settle for less, always try your best.

Always aim higher than the you of yesterday.  Be wise, humble, kind and bold.  Don’t live an average life.  Live a characterful life.

Becoming you forever, never stop becoming you.

Live to your full potential not an average potential.


Live to your full potential, not an average potential. Forever evolve.  Always become a better version of you, than the, you of yesterday.  Don’t be lazy with your life.

This post is Inspired by the book; “Becoming” by Michelle Obama.   

The word  “becoming” is a very positive, powerful, motivational word and fitting for every human beings life. 

I really fell in love with word becoming, it is so powerful.

I haven’t finished reading the book, but it is brilliant and Michelle Obama writes her story beautifully.  She writes from her childhood, a very humble beginning and may be only a few decades after the end of slavery, at a time where black people didn’t have complete freedom, the era of Jessy Jackson and Martin Luther King.  She explains of the seniors in family having dreams to grow and expand their life, but due to the oppression of black people, those dreams could not manifest leaving a sadness in some. She writes about school to the White House, to ‘post’ the White House where she has the freedom to make her own toast.  The White House, secret service, highly qualified chiefs, and how she wanted to empower the young especially girls. Her  writing is beautiful,  elegant, and states the facts of the times.

To Conclude…

I conclude many of us are not living in any type of oppression yet we don’t become our full potential.

The only oppression is our self inflicted laziness and procrastination.  We are not Becoming, we are not meeting our full potential. Are we are not living fully or are we passing time until we die.

By fully I don’t mean achieving everything on the bucket list, it is more than the bucket list.

It is about not being lazy in your life.  It is being mature and wise that is befitting of your age.

It is as Gandhi said….


When we live not just for ourself, when we give back to the world and society,  then we become something more than ordinary, we become a light for the world, if not the world at least a few in our close connections.

Becoming is….. doing the mundane chores with excitement each and every time.

It is growing, reading, evolving, and being kind, compassionate and loving to all.

It is standing up after a 1000 falls, never giving into pain.

Always be good, humble, kind to all, good wishes to your oppressors, to your haters, and forgive them.   But always being discerning and not a fool.  It is having the courage to assertively speak when absolutely necessary and having the wisdom, diplomacy to know when to stay quiet but not a doormat.

It is always being positive, hopeful, and powerful when health fails you.  Knowing we are Souls, powerful beings of light that can with Gods light we can heal the body or have the courage to live well

Life is more than acquisitions, it is growing spiritually and being a light of hope and inspiration in another’s life but in the most humble of ways.

If in becoming you, you find happiness and strength in the oppression of another, then one must ask oneself, what is lacking in me that I must be so cruel to another to be happy? And ask yourself is this really who I am?  Even the slightest deliberate act of pain on another is a serious mistake in being human.  Learn what you need to and change that behaviour of yours.

quote jan 5

Becoming you. Becoming me. Never stop becoming a good person to yourself, your family, neighbours and the wider society. Becoming a person of character.


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  1. What makes this so beautiful is that the words are just so simple yet crafted in a way that its so so powerful. Loved it all the way. You really managed to pull at my heartstrings. Thank you for this. ❤
    I’ve never thought of the word ‘becoming’ that way. But after reading this, it just gave it a whole new light. And I really wanna check out the book now!

    All the very best,

    Liked by 2 people

    • Happy Sunday. Thank you for reading and commenting, I am humbled by your words.
      Yes the book is fab, she writes so well. I still havent finished.

      I have a new found love and appreciation for the word becoming. I just though Michelle Obama chose such a fab title for book and applicable it to everyone’s life. It is such a powerful word that inspires me to live my full potential even in those though situations, for everything is sent to us to make us greater, making us become better human beings. It is a choice if we become a fragrant rose or a stagnant pond with no want to learn and grow .

      Thanks again for popping over, reading and taking the time to read and leave such a thought out comment , you have made my day.

      Have a great sunday and rest of the week.
      Regards Bella

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