Meditation Commentary – Allowing Light

Meditation is not about controlling the mind. The minds job is to think. Meditation is about slowing down thoughts, changing the thoughts to be positive and directing the mind. Meditation is about connecting to I the Soul and the Divine Energy. Meditation is the process of visualization and the directing thoughts, When we just allow the light of the Divine to shine on us magic happens, a great healing process begins. So, Let the words in the commentary to seep into our Soul, let the light of the Divine melt the pain away, be silent, be connected, and allow the magic to happen. I hope you find this meditation special, empowering and freeing.

As usual this meditation is from the release your wings YouTube channel ( that is these are not my creation). These meditation are created by students of Raja Yoga Meditation, click here to find out more.  Enjoy the meditation.

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The words Copyright © 2019  thoughtsnlifeblog, not the video

Images:, pixabay, pexel, google, instagram, canva, or created by myself.

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