My First Official Podcast

Hello, So I have been doing a few experiments with recording my voice, editing, taking out background noise and even creating my own music. Creating my own music because I just couldn’t figure how the create common licenses work.

It is a massive learning curve. I had to download a music creator and I have no clue about creating music, and something called a DAW that you use to record your voice and mix the music with and create a podcast.

Currently, my podcast are available on Soundcloud. I will share the podcast on other sharing tools later as I get the hang of it. All of this is free to my windows pc.

I have a lot work to do on improving and learning these new skills. I will surely get better. But, for now the podcast will be a bit rough and raw around the edges.

So this is my first official podcast and it is live and available to the public at large to discover, unlike yesterday’s one which was private. I created my own music!!! lol!!! This first podcast is just an introduction. I haven’t thought of a schedule yet for the podcast. But , I will keep it easy for now cause it takes a lot of time.

However, I continue to blog here once a week, nothing beats writing a blog post.

By the way, don’t be fooled that I know what I am doing here. I have a degree in ‘winging it’. Or as Nike say ‘Just do it’. All the tools I have used are free including my cheap Samsung headphones!

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69 thoughts on “My First Official Podcast

      1. Oh that is a shame. But when i dud that give away yoy could hear? Another question can you hear podcasts on itunes? Thank you for trying and letting me know. Happy sunday.


      2. No I had gone from your post in podcast but couldn’t see nor hear anything Bella then I told my son but he also just couldn’t do anything. Hope I could have listened to your talk, anyways seeing your inspiring words r also very important. Happy Sunday to you too.

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      3. Okay thank you it is good feedback. I research youtube and to do all that would cost more money than i wish to spend. I will try and find a compromise if i can. But my intention is to blog and podcast. But podcast would be fewer than blogging, as it is free to a certain limit. Anyway Kamal, is podcast was just an intro …


  1. Hi Bella, well I’ve just finished listening to your first podcast via my browser (I couldn’t get Soundcloud to work) and a big well done to you! Congrats on starting something new and have fun learning it all.

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