A Conversation Within I the Soul and Its Faculties.

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The mind keeps chatting…

Negative, wasteful, unhelpful thoughts driving I the Soul to Tears.
The body feels exhausted even though no physical activity has taken place. The heart feels melancholy, hopeless, fearful and sad beyond repair.

Shhh…. Quiet Please
Shhh…. Silence Please
Can you not stop talking.

Stop these negative thoughts you are tiring us all, the Intellect says to the Mind.
Shhh…. Quiet Please.

The body and heart are tired and crying, please can you stop.

The Mind Says…” But, it is my job to think. That is what I do.”
The Sanskars Says … ” and it is my job to record everything and create automatic pilots of your thoughts, words and actions”
The Intellect says ” I am tired of all the negativity and unhelpful thoughts. Can’t you two stop? !”.
The Sanskar says …. “Well, I just record what the mind thinks and create habits, that become the personality of the Soul.”

The Mind says, ” But, I can’t help myself these negative thoughts are now automatic and I have to think something all day long, it is what I Do!”
The Intellect says…. ” oh!!!” ” well we have to change this then, do we”

The Intellect says to the Mind, from today on wards……..

repeat these lines 7 times in one go and do this 3 times a day. Repeat:

I am quiet, still and peaceful. I am positive. I am Strong. I am happy. I am bright , I am fearless, I am creating happiness. I am creating health in I the Soul and in this body, that I reside in.

A few months have pass the Mind, the Intellect and the Sanskars are now in a comfortable habit of sitting together daily, practicing these affirmation and positive thoughts. The Intellect guides the Mind and supports it in creating these thoughts. The Sanskars continue to record these positive thoughts and creates new automatic thoughts and feelings of positivity.

One day the Mind says to the Intellect – it is working, I am having more automatic thoughts that are positive and peaceful. The body and the heart says, yes we too feel healthier and happier. The Sanskar says – I feel so happy and lighter too. The Intellect says I feel stronger too and I can make better decisions too.

A few more months pass. The Soul and the Body face an extremely terrible situation that previously would have paralyzed the body in pain and the Soul in Fear and the Mind would have chattered away in negativity. But, the Soul and the Body sailed through the test paper of the situation because the automatic pilot from the Mind the Soul was I am a peaceful, powerful, strong Soul and I can face everything. The Intellect was strong enough to say we can do this, there is nothing to fear, and the Sanskars sent automatic thoughts of hope, strenght and predestined success


I the Soul, am an Immortal point of light, that is energy. The faculties of the Soul is the Mind, Intellect, and Sanskars. The Soul resides in the body at the center of the forehead. The Soul is interlinked with the body, if the Soul is in pain it will manifest in the body.

It is important to take care of I the Soul and realise I am not this body and I am spirit and it is the spirit that thinks, that judges and that does. The Soul ( the Spirit) is immortal meaning it lives for ever, nor was it born, nor will it die. It is pure energy,

We must practise daily positive thoughts, we must not be afraid of silence and inner reflection, and we must transform ourselves if we want to truly be happy and healthy all the time. I use the word MUST intentionally and forcefully, because if I want happiness I must make an effort with full intention and drive, otherwise change just won’t happen.

Meditation, Journaling, Affirmation and Gratitude will take you to a place of much silence and happiness.There is much healing in Silence and Meditation. Experiment and see.

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I believe that the thoughts we create impact our life greatly. If we are able to change our thoughts, redirect them, catch our negative thinking.We can change our life. Read my 'About' page to find out more about thoughtsnlifeblog.com

12 thoughts on “A Conversation Within I the Soul and Its Faculties.

  1. Mind chatter never stops and only our responsibility to make it chat the other way around, chat positive automatically. 😊😉😉😉

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