Who Is Your Shoulder To Cry On.

Who is your shoulder to cry on?

Who is your rock?

Have you ever been the shoulder to cry on, or the rock for your rock?

I feel that we must learn to be our own rock, our own shoulder to cry on. I believe we should take support from the Divine. The Divine and yourself should be such double act of support, that you are resillient no matter what. Sure, we should have shoulder to cry on and for support.

But a day might come that you will be the rock for your rock, the shoulder to cry on and then who will you take support from. SO, live each day building inner strenght and taking strenght for the divine, that you are ready for anything.

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  1. I totally agree!
    I’ve always been the shoulder to cry on which is a responsibility I feel honoured to have.
    However if I didn’t take time to build my inner strength I can see how the responsibility could quickly crumble your emotional well-being.

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