Don’t be Limited by Self-Created Boundaries (Blog Post and Podcast #2)

Don’t be limited by self-created boundaries
Don’t be limited by an opinion of you that another holds.
Create your own opinion of you, by you.

Fly high, driven by your vision of yourself.
Don’t create a vision of you, that is set by others.
Don’t limit yourself by other’s boundaries, or boundaries created by yourself.

Image from Pixabay

Fly high, be driven by your own vision of yourself.
Be inspired by other’s lives, but don’t be overpowered by their lives or opinions.
Create your life.
Shine your life.
See the fullness of your life, your character, and see your fortune. From this abundance will grow.
Don’t see the lack, the empty, the dark.
See the light and let the light shine brighter every day.

Feel abundant to experience abundance.

Feel a deep drive to transform and transformation will follow.
Act quickly and swiftly. Act boldly and life will open and blossom.

Don’t be limited by yourself created boundaries.
Don’t be influenced by others in a way that limits you.

Expand your horizon through your own power, drive, vision, and passion.
Don’t limit yourself by yourself or how life has been.

Make your life.

Be indestructible even indomitable to limiting belief created by yourself or imposed by others on you. But, be flexible, be wise, be humble and realise in life we have to move like the grace of a swan, like a breeze in the tree and like the fragrance from a flower.

As the seed, breaks through to become a tree, in a hard terrain, be indomitable like the seed. Image: Pixabay

Set your goal, be so driven, don’t bend. But, bend so that you don’t break, live with wisdom and discernment, not with foolhardy determination.

Nothing fixed can be successful, or legendary. It needs to move and sway. It needs foresight. It needs the courage to change. It needs humility and grace, to be kind and compassionate to all others and nature.

Don’t be bound by self-created boundaries or others that limit you from being the fullness of you.

I created a podcast of this poem to go with this blog post, i hope you like it. You should be able to listen to the podcast in the browser without going to soundcloud.

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40 thoughts on “Don’t be Limited by Self-Created Boundaries (Blog Post and Podcast #2)

  1. Insightful post, thank you. Could identify especially with the piece about reaching goals, bending without breaking.
    Thank you.
    Sorry, could not view video without accessing the app.
    Will now read About section. (A little disorganised today ) ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Yes, bend but dont break, that we need some boundaries and some flexibility. Thank you for reading and commenting. I need to figure out the audio stuff. It is a shame you should have been able to hear it on the browers without going to soundcloud. Anyway, i will have figure something out to address that. I am still on a learning curve.

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