Meditation Commentary – Extraordinary You

Daily Meditation, is a recipe  that creates, calm and balance in your life.   As you meditate more, you learn how to quieten and slow down thoughts of waste,  and create positive ones.  Also, you gain the capacity to remain in a storm.  I meditate in the morning and at night.  I try to meditate on the commute to work, when i take a sip of tea.  Basically i try to carve out more moments to stock my peace and calmness by meditating more.  When you stock pile peace and calmness you can tap in to it anytime

Please find this weeks meditation commentary, again it is from the release your wings youtube channel. That is, these meditation commentaries are not mine.

We are Souls not this body.  A point of immortal light,  seated in the middle of the  forehead, in between the eyes.  Learn to be your true extraordinary self.

Daily meditation will certainly make you extra ordinary and life become really peaceful.

The youtube video is not mine, but the words in this post are.

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18 thoughts on “Meditation Commentary – Extraordinary You

  1. I used to meditate a lot in my late teens and early twenties. I went through a bit of a surfie phase hehe. I’ve tried in more recent times but seem to struggle to clear my mind. Why with work and kids and life in general it’s hard to clear my mind. Any suggestions?

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    1. Thank you for following .

      Dont clear your mind because it is impossible. The minds job is to think so it is impossible to clear it. But the issue is the pace of thoughts and negative thoughts. In some WAYS we need to rewire our thoughts. I would suggest simply listening to this meditation every day for a month and just repeat the words and visualise the scene and go with the flow. It might be tough initially but then you will see the difference towards end of the month. I share meditations regularily and there are loads on my blog you can follow. Like anything the more we practise especially daily it becomes a new automatic habit. I meditate twice a day never miss and seriously it gets easier over time.

      Hope this help.
      Regards bella

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  2. “Daily Meditation, is a recipe that creates, calm and balance in your life.” These words are so true and divine and it sure becomes a discipline in our life in whatever activity we do. Lovely as always, Bella. Thanks for the awesome share.

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