From Regret To Learning

We know it is better, even sensible, to learn from a mistake and not repeat them. Yet, we spend time regretting decision made, paths taken or not taken in the past. Hindsight is useful to take us forward, not to regret what can not be fully undone, but what can be learnt from and not repeated.

I say we that did what we were capable of, what we understood to be right at the time. Therefore, I don’t think is a good of our self respect or self esteem to deem or even belittle our decision of the past with regret. It is not a valuable use of our thought power. It is better we learn from the mistake and don’t repeat it and put our energy into creating a better future then spending our power in regret.

With regret depression can follow. Even Illness can follow, they say many illness are the impact of repeated negative thinking.

Sit in silence and look at your life, not just the regrets but the positives from the past. Think about those positive experiences, that have made you what you are today. Even those negative experiences have made you. Your whole life has brought you to where you are now. How, can you regret that?

Life is a learning lesson, repeat what is good, don’t repeat what is waste. Life is about growing, not regretting, it is about learning and moving forward.

Sit in silence and contemplate, become enlightened about you by yourself. We are all like rivers of flowing water, that is, if you sit by the river, and let your hand touch the water, you will touch a new wave of water, it will never be the same. So, to in our life, not one moment is the ever the same. Appreciate the beauty of your life story and don’t regret just learn and don’t repeat.

Therefore, I conclude that, we should be kind to ourself, and not regret but learn and not repeat the mistake. This, for me is the wisest and most sensible option. All else strips you of your peace and happiness. It is definately a process that may take several iteration before you can let go, forgive, learn and move. You will certainly get there enjoy healing.


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26 thoughts on “From Regret To Learning

  1. I think every negative can be turned into a positive. I used to tell myself I didn’t have regrets but I was lying to myself. Once I realised or accepted that I did/do have regrets I started to learn from them and life got 100% better. Nice post 👍🏼

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