Meditation or A Lullaby of Positive Thoughts (Blog Post, and Podcast number 3)

There are days we come home shattered, and exhausted. Too tired to eat, too tired to meditate. But, that is the worst thing we can do to ourselves. No matter what the day is like or how tired we feel we must eat, we must meditate only then will be find energy and strength. So kick off your shoes, have a quick shower, and calmly make a cuppa tea or coffee and join me in this podcast where I share a few positive thoughts/affirmation and relaxing music and reset yourself to enjoy the rest of your day at home or wherever you might be listening to this.

I share in writing the heart of the podcast for those who wish to write the words down. I personally believe, that when we write affirmations or positive thoughts down on pen and paper and repeat them 7 times a day, we rewire out negative thinking and create a positive outlook even on the darkest of days.

The words of the Podcast

Take a few breaths in and out,Let go of the day, let go of the pain, let go of it all, let it all go.Now in your mind repeat these words: I am calm. I am Serene. I am Peace. I am Well. I am Strong. I am Calm. All is well. I am Capable. I am Wise. I let go of the day and I enjoy creating an atmosphere. I create a sanctuary in my home and in myself. I am a peaceful powerful soul. I am Light and Peace. Peace is spreading in my home, and to my neighbours and to the world. I am Calm. I am Peace. I am Serene. I am Well. ….. The END

So here is the podcast. It is a bit rough as I am still learning the ropes, of creating music, recording my voice, and editing. I am using sound cloud to host my podcast because it free and all the recording, music creation and editing tools are free. As I get a bit better I will write about how to podcast to this basic level.

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