A New Morning -Start it with a beautiful Song, contemplation-Nayi Subah ki Nayi Kiran

First thing in the morning, spend a few seconds remembering the Divine, God. He is the supreme Soul who fills us up with love and heals us. We are his child, we are Souls. Children like to play, so we come down take a costume of a body and play. In playing we forget we are Souls, this earth is a play ground and home is the Soul World, where God the Supreme Soul sits. He sends us loving and healing vibration. But, we never sit still to catch them.

This is a beautiful song, prayer, contemplation in Hindi, inviting us to start a new morning, new rays of light. Let I the Soul, like a bird fly free from this body and free from this world to experience the love of God. Let us loose ourself in this elevated supreme meeting with God in the world above the skys, in our home the Soul world, Shantidham ..

This song has English translation and a beautiful way to start your day with a bit of quiet contemplation. I hope you enjoy it. Ps you can listen anytime of the day.


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