Thought For The Day- It is All Going Wrong

There I am scrolling through my instagram feed and I am presented with the following thought. Umm. Interesting πŸ€”.

Is this reverse phycology, or is the decluttering of life, or the moulding of a diamond? Or is this how we grow wise?

Would love to read your thoughts below.

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  1. It’s good to stay positive. Sometimes when things are my life are amazing, I start to worry. 😐 like things can’t stay this good for this long. Kind of the opposite I guess.

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  2. Seems true to me. It had come to my learning through a teacher that any movement is good- even if it feels in the wrong direction, at least things are moving. We can keep consciously steering in the right direction.

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    • Yes, I am beginning to see that as i think deeper about it too. This morning i t popped into my head it like clearly negative karma and the weight of that. We become lighter.

      I agree with your thoughts and as you say relatable.

      Have a great wednesday


  3. It certainly is an interesting perspective. I guess out of the rough comes diamonds and I’d like to think that out of adversity ultimately comes enlightenment. Lessons in everything I guess.

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