7 Ways To Get More Readers To Your Blog

A fabulous blog post by a fellow blogger Hugh. His blogging advise is the best. Do read.

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  1. Wow Bella this was an awesome read and he has pointed it very rightly how one must blog and I totally agree with his words. He has been so encouraging and a great way of educating new bloggers too and so nice to keep friends and give meaning to your comments etc. Very nice post, Bella.

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  2. Hi B
    I almost did not check out this reblogged post because not interested in “more” followers – even tho I love them and it is an honor to have a big following – but folks who go for that – well – um that is not the goal I have….
    Anyhow – the post was a huge treat! Thanks for sharing it – it was really about enriching your blog mode!!

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    • I understand not everyone is driven by numbers. I am a bit of both.

      I like learning more about blogging as I want to do it well. I always learn something from Hugh that I havent thought about. When comes to blogging, i just dived in , and i dont understand a lot of stuff, and i like to learn cause i can be quite clueless. And i feel i should educate myself and Hugh is just good at this stuff.

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