Never Let Go Of your Goodness in the Journey of Life.

Never let go of your goodness in the journey of life.

With all the rudeness, cruelness and selfishness of the world, of people and situations.

Never let go of your beautiful character.

Never let go of being nice.

Don’t harden because of their bad behaviour.

Stay good.

Remain wise.


But, never be harden by life. Never let go of being good, nice, kind or of a good character.

The journey of life, may beat us, put us through hell, through a storm, and feel like it will never let up. But there is alway an end to a beginning. And a beginnning to an end. Nothing stays the same, it always changes eventually.

Never let go of your goodness in the journey of life.

The original nature of all Souls, is peace, purity, love, joy, wisdom and harmony.

Any negative behaviour is not who we are.

Never let go of being nice in rude world.

Never let go of being kind in a selfish world.

Be wise in this manipulative world.

Constantly, be the example of what it is to be with character, manners, goodness and wisdom. Be this consistently, and may be in seeing your goodness, the world around you will drop it rudeness, cruelness and selfishness and become like you.

Never in life let go of your goodness, to fit in with the cruelness of the world. Goodness is the right path. Stay on the right path your whole life, no matter how hard it is. Fitting in, is a danagerous for you lose who you are. Never lose your character, your goodness and kindness, to fit in to a cruel world.

Never let go of your goodness in the journey of life.

When we keep true to our goodness, they notice. They may misbehave more with us. But, a circumstance will come, that they will learn their lesson, without you having to do much. Or you may have to assert yourself in a wise and calm manner. They will learn their lesson. But they will never apologise, so don’t expect it.

The point is, stay true to yourself. See the truth for what it is. See the underlining selfishness of others, but don’t be tainted by it. Be a detached observer, never letting the ugliness of the world enter the goodness of you. See it but dont see it.

Stay beautiful of character no matter what. Be true to yourself no matter what.

Never let go of your goodness in the journey of life.


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23 thoughts on “Never Let Go Of your Goodness in the Journey of Life.

  1. Bella this is one attitude that places us in a higher realm. In the long run shall be respected of. It is a virtue to be adhered.
    I am on a book called ‘Let Go’ it says Let Go of what all comes our way, just Let Go of any things that comes in our mind and situation. Not to take anything seriously, it calms the mind it makes way for Meditation to be Good and prolonged.
    You made my day today by your comment. I shall reply to it later during the day.

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