How to Increase Your Emotional Bank Balance

Positive emotions, actions, and thoughts increase our emotional bank balance.

Negative thoughts, actions, and emotions decrease our emotional bank.

The impact: of negative emotions are that we feel low, unhappy, lazy, not motivated, tired, etc.

Always make time for silence in the day and check your bank balance.

If you are feeling low, lazy and can’t be bothered then understand a negative emotion is robbing you of a positive experience.

Increase your positive bank balance by thinking; ” I am a peaceful, good, confident, happy Soul”, ” I spread peace to myself, to the room, and to the world”. “I am happy and motivated”. Do this several times a day. Also, spend time in silence it will help you see the negative patterns that rob you.

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  1. So true Bella. Our thoughts, whether they’re positive or negative, create our reality and our bank balance. Today my balance has been in the negative unfortunately. Here’s to changing that and feeling abundantly positive my friend. πŸ™

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  2. Bella,
    This was a wonderful, yet useful post. Hopefully all is well with you and your family. I am sorry I have been absent from your blog — life and sleep have taken priority over blogging most days unless it is to post something but hopefully I will get back into the swing of things.


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  3. Thanks for this.

    By coincidence I had low motivation last week, although there were things I wanted to do I just felt unfocused.

    So its interesting a concept of an emotional bank – something that can be added and subtracted from. I think my negative emotion where I was annoyed with myself from not being productive had a spiral impact.

    It was only through positive affirmations and an evening to contemplate I felt back on track.

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    • Oh i am glad this post provided something to think about. Sometimes i let myself have an productive day, though it might feel horrible, sometimes i just need a bit more sleep and easy going just to get back into it. And a load of meditation and inner work. Inner work for me is journaling.

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