Inner Peace

Inner peace requires inner work.

You can’t have inner peace if you expect the world, situations and other people to dance to your tune.

Inner peace needs you to be flexible, accepting and observing of things that you feel are not right. Accepting, in this case doesn’t mean you agree and the bad behaviour is right. It means accepting each human being is unique and their capacity of understanding is very different to yours. It means giving good wishes so their eyes open, but not be demanding. Having faith that things improve with the power of good wishes and acceptance.

We are in charge of our inner peace. We destroy our inner peace by being lazy or procrastinating. We cause our own tension.

Inner peace requires inner work. How truly do you understand yourself? Are you incapable of being the master of your own thoughts and feeling? Can you not learn by repeated behaviour? It is your choice to change how you feel and see the world. It is this choice that brings inner peace or takes it away.

If we don’t spend time in silence or reflection, we move along like a train with no driver. We move forward directionless. Never taking responsibility of our own feeling and thoughts.

Inner peace requires you to do hard inner work and transform your negative personality traits. Like laziness, blaming others, not accepting you are the creator of your feelings and therefore you are responsible for changing.

There is nothing like journaling to find out who you are? And what it is you want to change? There is nothing like reading something that inspires you to change. There is nothing like putting into practise what you want to change. There is nothing like regular meditation to heal you and create peace in you that you see clearly. And then you change you feel so great seeing your transformation.

Your inner peace is your responsibility.

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  1. Hello Bella, thank you for that. For me that is all neatly summed up in what I think is one of the best prayers ever – “God, grant me the Serenity to accept what cannot be changed, the Courage to change the things that can, and the Wisdom to know the difference.” This is known as the Serenity Prayer.

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  2. So powerful what you write about acceptance. It is a multi-layered concept. It does not mean living conditions forever …it is complete acceptance in the moment while we go towards change with skill and tenacity. Blaming others indeed laziness and taking responsibility is hard work at whole another level. I enjoyed reading your post.

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  3. Yes I agree totally with your words of Wisdom, Bella and Inner Peace is completely your responsibility. No one can tell us to go towards it. I am reading Thich Nhat’s Book on the Art of Living and he is talking on this topic so beautifully.

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