What is the point of being Negative ? Seriously?

What is the point of being Negative ? This is a serious question, that you need to ask yourself!

Why is being negative such a automatic way to be ?

Why get hurt if someone is rude to you?

Is it really Natural?

Really is it?

Negativity, makes us sad, moody and depressed.

When we repeatedly do something we create a habit an automatic pilot!

Taking someone’s rudeness to heart only gives me pain! So why take it to heart? Seriously, why? Just let it go immediately! And yes it is possible, because if you do this practice each time it happens, it will become a new habit and you just won’t get hurt. But, don’t hold ill will against anyone cause that is negative karma and it will come right back at ya!

If you are fed up of being negative, fed up being sad, down and depressed. Let us try being happy ? Let’s try not to take pain or rudeness to heart ! Let us see the benefit in everything. Let us see what life is trying to teach us? Let go of the pain, the hurt, the why did this happen etc ? Let go, start a new, change the way you see it all.

Be willing to learn from all the difficulties in life and see benefit in them, which will enable you to find happiness in life and feel positive in life.

Additionally, practice gratitude daily. Find 3 things to be grateful for each day. Practice the affirmation ” I am Happy, Content and Joyful Soul. Everyone loves me!” Repeat this daily 7 times in one go.

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27 thoughts on “What is the point of being Negative ? Seriously?

  1. Thanks for sharing this information with us. I agree – we are each responsible for our own happiness. One of the things I am trying to be aware of right now is to not get offended. I think this would increase my happiness.

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    1. Thank you for reading and commenting.

      Yes, we shouldn’t get offended for sure. If you keep it in mind then you will be more mindful if it, and notice when you get offended. I find journaling a great help too. I then say i get offended, i say to my self, i let go .. also remind yourself not to take it personally. And also if we are prone to being offended them affirmation. I am confident. I am courageous. I am strong.

      It all helps. And there some people who just trigger us. All of this helps

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      1. Definately worth trying , even if it is once a week. I think it really helps in so many ways. I wrote a couple posts a few years ago on journaling. Also try affirmations and gratitude – again i have a few posts on these too. Then finally, seeing benefit in everything …is worth a go, again i have a few blog posts on this too. There is a lot we can do to change our mindset to be positive even in hard times.

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  2. I totally agree with you. I am a senior and I want to make the world and my place in it the best it can be. In order to that, I must help those I can, ignore those or at least make positive affirmations for those who don’t want to be helped, and try to fight for my own rights as a human being without totally losing my spirit and joy of life. I am an artist and a published writer, and ever since my younger brother came home from Vietnam 100% physically challenged, I have sought to serve others who are physically, developmentally and emotionally challenged. I have been through many life challenges my own self, but I always come back with a positive outlook ultimately even though some of those challenges were majorly traumatic physically and emotionally. I have always believed that if I can show people what they CAN do in this lifetime no matter what they started out with, it would probably be a good gift to leave this earth. Even my little brother who suffers from major PTSD to this day (he had to shoot and kill babies and toddlers there who were loaded with bombs and it is difficult for him to understand or deal with as it would be for any of us) sometimes realizes that the world is not all that it seems and that we can make it better if we never give up and we try to maintain a cohesiveness in our own spirits regardless of the cards we are dealt. I once read that we may not be able to change our circumstances (i.e. as in wars that come to our doorsteps), but that we can change the ways we think about them. I think that what I have to do will serve a positive change in the end result as it will help others to see that they do not have to suffer unless they lose their sense of that in this lifetime. Thank you so much.


    1. You are a treasure to man kind, earth kind. You are very honourable.

      You have seen more than I have of the world and it’s harshness. I have seen a good deal, but nothing in comparison to yourself, so i am humbled.

      I like all of your comment, this especially struck my heart as it translates to a good motto to live by…” …. try to fight for my own rights as a human being without totally losing my spirit and joy of life…”

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  3. I have long been a follower of positive thinking, and I have done my best to not only follow it but to help others to think the same way. I am 77 now, and I can honestly say that not all the world, unfortunately, is ready or even willing to be as positive as we are, or to take needed action when it is needed. For example, as a former Aide, Paraeducator and Teacher (all substitute) for special needs children, I was a mandated reporter of any form of abuse. I absolutely love and will do anything to protect children and I did as I was mandated to do, but I can tell you that the reports got shelved every time. Why? Because the school system depends on the number of children being in school every day, and if reports of abuse go through (other than the very worst ones), parents will pull their children out of school and put them into another, and that means funding gets cut and the school could even be closed, which has happened before. So although it IS important in this life to be positive, to do meditation, etc. as I still do whenever possible, it is also important to act to protect the rights and safety of others, especially those who are incapable of protecting others. I attended the Church of Religious Science for many years, and also practiced a very wonderful form of Buddhism and even today I am studying another form of positive thinking and new ways of looking at what happens in our universe. It also places responsibility for our actions on every one of us, and teaches us to find new and positive ways to look at everything that happens every day.

    Now I try to be positive within all reasonable possibilities, and to handle everything that comes up the same way, but sometimes people are extremely abusive to us, and in order to get our rights respected and to get things that are rightfully ours, we must take legal action or we must go up against them. The owners of our mobile home park are attorneys (husband and wife) and when we call to ask them for something that is rightfully due us such as the title and registration of a mobile home I purchased on contract and paid for in full, and I am greeted with swearing at me and telling me to fix any of their errors, I can still remain positive in my own actions, but I do not need to put up with such things because it is not a positive way for them, and if I am courteous to them, they don’t change at all.

    So yes, our thoughts DO influence our lives as I have noted numerous times in my own posts, and I do believe in positive thought as much as I am able, but I will never allow anyone to abuse me in any way, and I think that is a logical and good way if they refuse to listen to reason and courteous behavior to handle things. I really do love your posts though, and I try to read as many positive things every day as I can find.

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    1. Agree no one should be a door mat to bad behaviour or that which is wrong. We must stand up for what is right and fight against what is wrong. Agree. But sometimes in situation less complicated then the ones you describe i personally feel it is better to let go. But in your situations i agree you gotta fight.

      Thanks for you wonderful view points.

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  4. I think acknowledging the bad can have the benefit of magnifying the positives. Like after you recover from sickness is when feeling healthy feels the best. There is no light without dark, but even the night sky provides light.

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  5. In my opinion, the only point to being negative is that it serves us in some way. Some people have convinced themselves that they get something from being this way. Thankfully, I don’t. I can see the benefit of every breath I take, even when I choke sometimes.

    I always tell people that I didn’t [still don’t] have time to hem haw around with being negative because I needed that energy for other, more important pursuits, like living my highest and best life. Even when I do find something or someone upsetting, and maybe I have even to cry it out, still I do it quick, hand to my heartspace, so I can get back to living in “sunny-ville.”

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