What is the point of being Negative ? Seriously?

What is the point of being Negative ? This is a serious question, that you need to ask yourself!

Why is being negative such a automatic way to be ?

Why get hurt if someone is rude to you?

Is it really Natural?

Really is it?

Negativity, makes us sad, moody and depressed.

When we repeatedly do something we create a habit an automatic pilot!

Taking someone’s rudeness to heart only gives me pain! So why take it to heart? Seriously, why? Just let it go immediately! And yes it is possible, because if you do this practice each time it happens, it will become a new habit and you just won’t get hurt. But, don’t hold ill will against anyone cause that is negative karma and it will come right back at ya!

If you are fed up of being negative, fed up being sad, down and depressed. Let us try being happy ? Let’s try not to take pain or rudeness to heart ! Let us see the benefit in everything. Let us see what life is trying to teach us? Let go of the pain, the hurt, the why did this happen etc ? Let go, start a new, change the way you see it all.

Be willing to learn from all the difficulties in life and see benefit in them, which will enable you to find happiness in life and feel positive in life.

Additionally, practice gratitude daily. Find 3 things to be grateful for each day. Practice the affirmation ” I am Happy, Content and Joyful Soul. Everyone loves me!” Repeat this daily 7 times in one go.

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