Thought For Today – What Do You Represent.

I found this beautiful quote on instagram. It says it all in my humble opinion. What is your trademark? How do you leave people feeling? Do you have any idea? Do people look forward to you or do they feel something else?

For example, I am extremely truthful, honest and can be diplomatic. I am humble but I will never lie. I may at times speak what I believe right and that might be a bitter pill to swallow for others. Sometimes, I stay quiet because I know the other person just won’t understand. Sometimes, I may be tactful or just say to a negative comment let’s be positive.

I know some people don’t like me, once a upon a time that bothered me, not any more. I know my trademark is my straight forwardness honesty , kindness, compassion, diligence, I am clear glass, the truth is upmost, greed and selfishness are no no no’s. I am with one face, inside and out are the same. I may not say my opinion to keep the peace, but if I feel i must speak I will tactfully. Often, that leads to me being silent, because wisdom says choose your battles, they won’t get it, keep your peace, it ain’t worth it. It depends ….. but I won’t agree to anything that is cruel or unkind. However, I am still a work in progress and have a lot of rough ends to polish off, and a lot to learn.

The point is, how well do you know yourself? Your impact? Your stand point? What you need to change? And are you willing to change? And do you know your impact in this world, your vibrational impact? Do you know How you leave people feeling?

Let us get one thing straight, not everyone will like you, even if you are the nicest person. Another, person not liking you, doesn’t mean you are bad. It is just life. Don’t live for anothers opinion and belonging. It is better to be on the right path of the truth, honesty and karma, than stand in a crowd of vices just to be liked.

So there you go a few thoughts for today. Do comment below on your thoughts on this topic.

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  1. It sounds as though you know yourself well Bella and are true to yourself. Iโ€™d say thatโ€™s a really good trait. I love the quote too. It takes time to become comfortable in our own skin. Iโ€™m still a work in progress too. Big hugs and much love to you. xx

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    • We are all work in progress including me. Today, a thought popped into my head that i have let certain situation harden me a bit and that is against my trademark. I like to think i know me, but i dont know it all. What irritates us , is a mirror to us of what we need to change. But sometimes the mirror is foggy and we cant see, it does happen to me..

      We are all working progress including me and we will always be. The day we stop improving when we cease to live, i feel..

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  2. I agree with that quote and I have liked it for a very long time. The first time it came my way, I wanted it to become a part of me – I wanted to let go of the striving to build any worldly persona just to bring some form of success. I would want truth to be my signature and trust to be the experience and feeling I leave behind.

    I agree with you on being liked by others. It used to matter to me a lot, I needed to be accepted. Thankfully that need is going away as I find my own trust for moving towards my own truth.


    • Tgank you for sharing your signature it is really beautiful and inspiring.

      This the first time I came across this quote. And it made me think of the question how do we leave people after an interaction with us.

      Hope you are well. I have increased my blogging schedule to wed, sat and monday. I still need to write a post for today..

      Have a great weekend.

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      • I am very well, thank you my friend. I am glad you are able to increase your regular blog schedule. I am still spaced far out, and am posting only when very moved to. So no schedule yet. I hope to keep reading your posts whenever I find myself in the wp space.

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  3. A profound quote of Reality, Bella and I agree totally with your take on this quote. The same is with me too. I too can be very frank and am also kind and compassionate but when someone eggs me on a lot then I too give in and then the situation goes bad and yes why would everyone want to love you or like your company. The way we also do not like to be with certain people means a hello or few words spoken. Today at this juncture I feel, Bella that Silence is Golden and with so much spiritual reading and listening to motivational speakers, reading books I am trying to understand myself better cause that is the first start to start loving yourself, being kind and compassionate towards yourself and forgiving ourselves in order to understand and love others. So much garbage have we collected from eons so then we also are humans and are going to falter but it is completely k. Thank you for your great share.

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