Daily Intention – Honour

Honour – Definition from my little Oxford pocket dictionary

  • 1) Great Respect,
  • 2) Honesty or Integrity,
  • 3) Privilege,
  • 4) Regard or treat with great respect,
  • 5) Keep an agreement.

Ask Yourself Some Question?

Do you honour yourself?  That is, do you walk and live life with pride?  By pride, I do not mean arrogance, I mean do you walk with self-respect, self-worth, or you walk the road of life with a lack of self-confidence, or self-pity, or something that is negative?

Do you honour your right to be living on this earth amongst others?  Do you live to fit in or do you have the courage to me your own person?  Do you run around for friends, family and others with the feeling you are becoming closer with them, only to find you are being used or something else? Do your values give respect to yourself, others, nature and all species on this earth?


Life lessons. 

Life teaches us lessons.  Are we ready to learn?  Are we ready to see?  Can we discern quickly or slowly?   Does our lack of self-worth, self-respect stop us from seeing what is under our nose? 

The Intention, the Practise of Honouring Our Self.

Today, let us practise honouring our-self. This does not mean being arrogant or being disrespectful to myself or to others, the animal kingdom or to the Earth.

To honour yourself means to be respectful to yourself and not going against the grain of your internal voice, your intuition or your heart.   You are true to your values, and have the courage to be you and not just to fit in.   You are brave to stand up to what might be against the general flow, of what you believe that to be right and not hurting others.

When we go against our grain, our personal ethics, or our personal values, we become very unhappy inside.  We break a spiritual contract with ourselves.  This contract is unsaid, it is a quiet voice inside.  Each time we go against it, we break it voice and it gets quieter and quieter.  We create a great weight, we feel heavy, and we feel unhappy, because we are not being true to the ‘True’ qualities of ‘I ‘the Soul. That is, Love, Peace, Purity, Happiness and Wisdom.  We are dimming our own light.  Each time we break that contract, we put weight on I the Soul, we become unhappy for no-reason.   We have all the material wealth, friends, family etc, but we are unhappy and we wonder why?   It is because we are spiritually unhappy.  I the Soul is not shining bright, our light has been dimmed, because we break the spiritual contract to be good, to be honourable to our self.


Intention for Today – Honour yourself

How can you apply this to your daily life?

  1. Interact with people who enhance your light, that don’t dim it.
  2. When interacting with people you may not feel close to, mix well, but keep your honour.  Always be truly nice from inside to outside.  Don’t hold any negativity.
  3. Get out of your comfort zone.   
  4. Be brave and courageous to be yourself and don’t worry about fitting in.
  • To honour yourself, is to shine bright and not to be ashamed of who you are and what you are doing.
  • To honour yourself, is to feel worthy and have respect for others
  • To honour yourself, is to know, to distinguish, what is just and do what is just regardless of what others are doing.
  • To honour yourself, is to avoid doing things that make you feel ashamed of what you have done.
  • To honour yourself, is to be an example to others.  But, not in an arrogant way.
  • To honour yourself is to keep your promises, your agreement if they are just.  If they are not just, then it is having the courage to say so.


I am honourable, to myself and others.   I respect myself and others.  I live with integrity and values.  I interact and speak to others and myself respectfully.   I have the courage to do what is just. I am brave,  I am good, I have the courage to be me.


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