Mental Health and our Habits

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Mental health is globally a hot topic. There are many aspects to mental health, from stress, to pressure, to skill deficit, to peer pressure and a lot more than I can imagine. I am not a doctor and I know there are many forms of mental health issues and this blog post does not attempt to review and discuss all.

Actually, I wanted to simple share a radio interview of a fellow blogger, who is actually a Dr. This interview talks about social media and mental health. I know most of us know, that we all addicted to our smartphones, we have created such a habit of having with us all the time. In my humble opinion this habit is not good for our health and our outlook of life. It seems to make us more casual and not thoughtful when we are with people. And I feel it is reducing our ability to think, discern, be all rounders, and it can makes us very shallow human beings .

This is a fabulous radio interview with Dr Andrea Dinardo. It is about social media and mental health. It gives really good tips on how to reduce the time on smartphones and social media. I hope the interview inspires you. The interview has a couple of short adverts. Do listen to the end. Here is the link to the interview below.

Dr Andrea Dinardo has a blog called Thriving Under pressure ,and it is very inspirational and has really great tips to help deal with pressure. Who doesnt have pressure. The thing is how do we deal with it?

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while , know my motto is “our thoughts make us happy or sad”. Our habits, are what we feed our mind, what we feel also impacts our thinking and self belief. What we think, do , read, listen to or dont do, are all our choices. And our choices make us happy or sad. We are powerful human beings and we can change anything in our life with one determined thought.


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