A Week of Meditation Commentaries

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Dear Friends,

As you know I have returned to a three day blogging schedule ( that is, Monday , Wednesday and Saturday). I am currently sitting here, on Sunday 28th July listening to some Meditation commentaries, preparing Monday 29th July blog post. As I was doing this, I thought, why don’t I make all three blog all meditation commentaries?

Why – Have Next Week a Meditation Week?

Well, because there is a lot of benefit from meditating daily.

Life quickly gets out of control, we get busy, we do so much, but hardly do we take care of I the Soul. We would never forget to charge our mobile phone, because we know what will happen. But, we don’t charge I the Soul. We eat food for the body, we earn money to live, and we do thinks to entertain us.

But. I the Soul, the driver of this body is some thing we never take care off.

In all cultures we say ” let their Soul rest in peace” when someone dies. All cultures accept there is more to us than this body. But, we forget we are more than this body. I am a Soul, an immortal being, whose values are love, peace, purity, wisdom and joy. Meditation allows us to take power from the source, the divine and charge the battery of the Soul. Failure to charge ourselves, means we run on empty when we need real power, it means I have not accumulated power in I the Soul. By power I mean , the power of peace, purity, love, wisdom, joy and a lot more.

Therefore, I have decided for this week, I will share a week of meditation commentaries on my blogging days. These commentaries are created by “release your wings” YouTube channel (that is they are not my creation). With the aim of helping us meditate more frequently. To help, all of us, including myself, in making our meditation practice stronger, and firm up the daily habit of meditation.

So, you can expect a meditation commentary on

  • Monday 29th Jul y 2019
  • Wednesday 31st July 2019
  • and Saturday 3rd August.

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