Meditation Commentary – The Temple of the Body, Temple of the World

We are are more than this body, we are Soul ,Spirit. We are the driver of this body. We are Soul. A point of light. The master of this body. This body is a vehicle of the Soul. When the body cease, I the Soul remain. I am a point of light. I can heal this body and matter.

As usual this meditation is from the release your wings YouTube channel.  Enjoy the meditation.

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        • By birth we are Jain -gurajati’s
          My Gujarati and Hindi skills are a bit poor, as i speak English more, living in UK. I came to uk when i was only 4 yrs old..

          I only recently became aware of the Zoroastrian culture.

          India is so very multicultural.

          It is nice to know we have more than blogging in common.

          Have a great rest of the week.

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        • K that is to hear and as children once we go to another place we completely take on that lifestyle. Zoroastrianism is the oldest religion that we humans know of and since we were getting harassed by the Muslims way back in Persia we had to leave and came in India in a place known as Paras which was in Gujarat and that is why we talk in Gujarati. Yes it is nice to be making friends on blogging. You too have a beautiful day, Bella.

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        • Thank you for that walk down in history. I knew that Zoroastrianism, came to india but didnt know why. I didnt know paras was in gurajat, thou i feel i accidently came across that fact, which you have confirmed. I always heard that early settler of Zoroastrianism came to india and said we will live like milk and honey, that is we will mix in.

          Always nice to understand different cultures.

          Additionally, i was born in Kenya. So when it comes to India, i am still learning a lot. Compared to UK india is vast in land mass, and cultures

          Have a great day. Speak soon..

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