Managing my Own Performance – When you Overwhelmed, Feel Scared or Fearful

Being overwhelmed, scared or fearful in a situation (e.g. Work), makes it hard for us to carry out our duties, and it causes a lot of stress.    Being calm and focused in any situation is a priority, but can be difficult when we feel stressed. 

If we are worried, it impacts our ability to meet a goal, a deadline, our relationships, our communication and our pay packet.  But, we can conquer our fears, and we can change the way we think. We can employ strategies that will help us deal with our stress and still achieve the task at hand.

Our thoughts, our way of thinking impact all areas of life, not just work. 

The tips shared below can be used in any part of your life, not just a work / career setting. The fear we feel is not just in a work situation. The more you use these tips, they will become a new habit and life becomes easier.


Tips for Managing Yourself in Difficult Situations.

  • Create a positive outlook on the situation /work even though you feel scared /overwhelmed.
  • Change your mind-set from fearful/scared to motivated/determined.   I can do this, I will be okay.
  • Investigate the work and see if you are capable of it, otherwise work with another in the team to understand the requirement of the work.
  • Do the most important piece of work first not the easiest or nicest.
  • When the priorities or scope changes handle it with positive /non-reactive way.  If you are a facial expression person, then watch your facial expression.

I hope these little tips are useful.  Often making a little note card with helpful reminders will assist you at work or in any difficult situation.


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