Blogging Tips: Scheduling on Twitter Made Easy and Free with TweetDeck

Dear Friends,

A lot of people are users of twitter already. Some of you may be scheduling your tweets already, and some of you may not be. I would like to introduce to you tweetdeck a free tool that allows you both to tweet and schedule tweets. It is very easy to use.

Product :    TWEETDECK    I highly recommend using tweetdeck on your computer or laptop as it easier than using on your mobile.

Cost :  FREE – I think it is part of twitter so it’s free. In terms of login, it uses your twitter login.

What does it do :   Manage/ schedule  your tweets all day long.  You can see tweets, messages, notifications , activities and what you have scheduled.

How to schedule using tweetdeck :  It is quite easy to figure out by just using it. However, here is a guide.

Happy tweeting with tweetdeck, it is very easy to use.


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2 thoughts on “Blogging Tips: Scheduling on Twitter Made Easy and Free with TweetDeck

    1. Oh i just havr wordpress do a direct link to my blog post, then i retweet, and when i am good i use tweetdeck to schedule my older posts . You just copy paste your blog post url and choose a date and time , hit schedule and there you go.

      I dont use twitter enjuf, but when i do i am able cut the words down.

      But then i am a bit undisciplined with twitter.


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