Becoming -by Michelle Obama

It takes me ages to read a book. I finally managed to finish reading “Becoming” by Michelle Obama, it only took me 8 months to read!. And yes, it was worth the wait.

This for me is an inspiring and life changing book. Written beautifully like a story. Inspiring a true rags to riches story. It is about determination, will power , discipline, drive and passion. How we are always becoming, and we never stop becoming. We can change the world and nothing is stopping us really nothing. For me this book has changed me profoundly, I feel I have woke up in someways that I didn’t know I was sleeping. It has made me believe in me and my ability to make my world, my luck. It has made me see things that I didn’t appreciate. Most of all it has inspired me to “become me”. I really recommend the book to you all to read.


Life is one long journey full of learning opportunities. We can learn so much from anothers life. She talks of forgiveness, hope, good will and so much more. She talks of that she has learnt from people in all walks if life. She is as down earth as you and I. She truly humble and most inspiring.

The book also gives an insight of how the White House runs, the nastiness of American politics. PS I don’t live in the USA so I don’t understand.

The other thing this book highlights is that the segrations of coloured people, slavery was not that long ago, and that is quite shocking. For me at least quite shocking.


It is a great book for inspiring you. From absolutely humble, beyond humble beginnings, seriously humble beginnings Michelle started out and where did she get to! She has a passion, a drive, to make the world a better place for all, but especially women and girls. And her husband he wanted to change things and the only way that was possible was to become president. The first black president who just wanted to give more to Americans and to create harmony and equality for all. But, politics is a hasty world!!!

For me it was one of those books, that shifts something inside, that inspires, that makes one think, that just leaves you contemplating your own life, your values, your motivation and your spirit. What do you want to do in your life, are you truly living it fully, are you truly becoming the best you can ?

I seriously love this book and her writing style is fabulous, it reads like a story, but it is a memoir and a most beautiful one at that.

But, most of all this book inspires me , that if you have a fire in your belly you can achieve anything.


So, I conclude, we either limit ourself or we learn to fly high. Both options, both choices we make. Nothing in our life is in anothers hands, its all in our hands. We become what we think and do. We unleash our full potential or we limit ourself. Our life is ours to make or not to make!

Happy reading and happy becoming the true you.


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