Meditation Commentary – A Meditation on Love

Today, is a hard day for America, but it is also a hard day for the world. It is the anniversary of the most ugliest side of humanity.

Our hearts will always hurt, never forgetting such an event. How can we heal, how can we let go, how can we forgive, how can we move on, how can we forget the scenes we have seen, how…. ?

For us to make a world a better place, we must become better individuals, as our vibration spreads in the world. We should not hold hate in our heart, for then we are no better, we fail to be human. Our goodness will make others good. We must be the best character and demonstrate that in every second of our life. We must spread that vibration every second of our life, only then we can make the world a better place.

In looking for a meditation to share today, I have to admit it was difficult. I wanted to share on healing, courage and letting go. But, actually it felt no meditation really can make this day of remembrance better. So I selected a meditation commentary on love and I hope that it offers peace to all, and doesn’t offend anyone.

As usual this meditation is from the release your wings YouTube channel ( that is these are not my creation).

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16 thoughts on “Meditation Commentary – A Meditation on Love

  1. This was a beautiful post. I think everyone can remember exactly where they were and what they were doing when they heard the tragic news. 9/11 was an awful day for everyone around the world and every American cried for those that lost their lives. I still can’t believe something this horrible happened.

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