What Do You Have In Your Life That No One Can Steal?

What do you have in your life that no one can steal? What do you have in your life that no one can take away? What do you have in your life that keeps you a float when all is taken away? What do you have in your life that allows you to smile, when actually there is nothing left to smile about? What do you have today that no one can take away tomorrow?

Why do I ask these question of yourself and myself?

Life will throw us curve ball and pull that rug from under our feet sooner or later it will! So, what do we have that make us prepared for those moments? What are we doing today that leaves us strong for some of the pains in life that will come to all of us, and other pains that might come to some of us. What are we putting into your life that will leaves us standing, even when nothing is left standing for ?

I think it so important to prepare for life, even those unpredictable events. I know it sounds crazy, but actually, If we look at our life, our jobs, etc, there are signs that are providing us warnings. We are forewarned, it is in the air, we just have to listen. And, we should be prepared. Even, if you look at your own life, it has prepared you for some of the hardships in life, just think about it a bit.

I have chosen the feature picture of a tortoise, why? He carries with him everything he needs. Are we cultivating our life in such away that we have inside us to carry on when all is taken away? Can we still smile and make others smile?

Along with these question, I have selected a few quotes that may help find an answer to these questions? I provide some of my answers below, and it would be lovely to have you comment below, for all of us to learn from your wisdom, experiences and thoughts on these questions.

So, incase some of you want to know my answers to some of these questions, here you go. This is just a small list as a taster. The answers a brief and not detailed, but if you want to me expand then let me know in the comments. What are your answers to these questions do comment below.? Of Course I don’t have my life sorted, I am a work in progress, and I have had that rug pulled from beneath my feet many a time, and I have cried many a time. But, all of these have helped me help myself when I had everyone but I had no-one at the same time ( I hope that makes sense)!

Here is my list and you will notice it all about a daily routine!

  • Practise Daily Meditation – Remembrance of the Divine
  • Make your daily routine, filled with Gods love.
  • Make your daily routine empowering. That is, you enjoy doing the mundane stuff, that you work on yourself to be a better person, you find joy in small things,
  • Make your daily routine about living a value based life, not about materialism.
  • the fundamental understanding and acceptance that all human beings are Souls. Eternal, points of light, children of One God. We are spirits. We are light. We are harmonioues, we are good. We have lost our way and now it is time to return to the source of who we are. We are peace, we are pure, we are kind, we are more than the job, the role, the current life. We are much more.
  • Find time for peace and love in life
  • Love solitude and your own company
  • Find time to be the powerful Soul that you are. We are not this body, we are eternal Souls, points of light, not this body.
  • Accumulate the power of meditation and peace, that you can find peace in difficult times.
  • Be grateful for everything you have.
  • Treasure each moment.
  • Look for benefit in everything that is difficult in your life.
  • Don’t be attached to your current way of life.
  • Create a simple and flexible life.
  • Journal and time in self reflection
  • Reading
  • Blogging
  • Let God love you and carry you in his arms.
  • Live below your means and save for a few raining days
  • Have other things in your life that keep you engaged and growing that, no loss of job can take away from you.
  • Let go of pain immediately or as immediately as you can get !
  • ………………..


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11 thoughts on “What Do You Have In Your Life That No One Can Steal?

  1. I think no one can take away the self mastery, growth and principles I have. They evolve with time and may be shaken by trauma. But I can work on them and preserve them for myself I hope.

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  2. Great question: For sure: solitude, peace of mind, dignity, our essence, our dreams, feelings, gratitude and …… many many more, it all depends on ourselves to set the boundaries and keep our treasures safe at all the moments.

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