Sunday Thoughts and Reflection

Sunday Thoughts

Even if the day is gloomy Sunday brings with it a sense of peace, calmness, wholeness, a safety and newness.  

We are relaxed.   We should take advantage of this relaxed state, to carry out practises that make us more resilient, calm, and inspire us.   For Example, Journaling, affirmation, gratitude, meditation, exercise and preparing for the week ahead.  

All of these activities, uplift us, prepare us, and make us internally strong.   Internal strength, is personal strength that can never be taken from us.  The other days of the week can be wonderful but often they can leave us a bit batter and bruised.  Sunday or whatever your day off is, is a day for recharging, preparing and elevating yourself, so that the week to come, the future to come is less of a battle, and more  of  a calm walk through a busy life.

So use your Sunday wisely, don’t waste it.

Tips on How to make Your Sunday the Best

Here are a few ways I spend my Sunday, which may inspire you. You don’t need to spend hours on each task, some only need  20 minutes of less.  Some a bit more.  But, it all starts with waking up semi early.  Don’t have a massive lie in, because you won’t feel good, you will feel you have wasted your time. When you spend your free days doing these, you will feel so much better, your whole life becomes serene, effective, and productive.

Journal   – to let go of pain, and to inspire change in you and see the benefits in life.

It is important to write out your thoughts, and then ask yourself why do I feel like this? What is this situation tell me? What do I need to change in mylife?

Affirmation – Practise affirmations and manifest in your life what you want.  But, also to build confidence in yourself.

Gratitude –  Be grateful for life and all you have.  Understand the beauty of everything little thing in your life as well as all the big things in your life.  Don’t forget you have a roof over your head, food, a bed, warm water to have a bath with, technology, friends, family and money. You have a lot!  Be mindful of your fortune especially the things we take for granted.  Are you homeless – No – Don’t take your current standard of living for granted, appreciate it, be mindful of it, and be wise.

Exercise  – Eat right and stretch your body as it important to keep fit, otherwise your body will fail you as you get older.  But, keep this in perspective there is more to life than just looking good.

Reading –  Feed you mind with reading a few pages of an inspiration book, or a blog post or a newspaper.

Clean and Tidy :   Clean your home.  Tidy your home.   Buy the food for the week ahead.   A clean tidy home is a peaceful home.  Put away things that need putting away,  throw away that needs throwing,  donate what you don’t need.   Make each room of your home clean and tidy.  Tackle a bit of that paper work mountain – you will be at peace.

Prepare –  Plan your clothes for the week.  Plan your meals for the week, may be cook a few?  Know what the week holds for you by looking at your diary, and decide what you need to do before hand.  Know yourself and when you are likely to be tired and plan to have food ready for that day, so that all you have to do is eat that precooked meal you prepared today!

Meditate –  a healthy mind is calm and strong mind.  It makes everything else possible.  I believe we should meditate daily, but if daily is too much then at least Sunday .  Meditation is not the art of silencing the mind.  It is the art of reducing the noise of thoughts in the mind, to having positive and calm thoughts.  It the act of I the Soul taking Peace from the Supreme Soul.  It is uplifting and healing.

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