Meditation Commentary – Intuition

We have the answers within us, or the answer is in the universe, or in what we might read, hear or observe, or in that difficult situation or that beautiful interaction. There are answers to everything everywhere, we just have to be quiet, silent and believe that there is benefit in all aspects of life no matter how small, big or ugly.

Within us we have hold a natural wisdom, we just need to become quiet to hear it. When we force an answer it is always the the wrong answer. When we let the answer unfold peacefully, not rushed, then we have the right answer, and we hear and see it it correctly.

Slow down the pace of life and hear the quiet voice of intuition.

Daily mediitation elevates you in away, that you will come to realise in the future that nothing else can. There is no greater success than the success of living a full and true life that is not about wealth or status.

As usual this meditation is from the release your wings YouTube channel ( that is these are not my creation).

The words of this blog are the copyright of

However, the video is shared from youtube and the copyrights belong to release your wings youtube channel.

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