Self Care – How Do You Take Care Of You?

I think or rather I know journaling is my biggest tool for my personal self care. It allows me to vent, it allows me realise and transform, it allows me to plan and dream and get motivated.

Meditation is another tool for self care. I try to meditate in the morning , mid day and evening. When I connect to the source and download peace and fill myself with peace etc everything just feels better and is better.

Reading something that is inspiring and uplifting. Here, I am talking of something spiritual that guides me and helps me transform my thoughts, mood, thinking patterns to a more elevated, in a more altruistic way, than just the mundane. Reading that gives me the motivation to let go of pain, to remain peaceful, to see the good in all regardless, and that brings me closer to I the Soul, the spirit and to the Divine.

There is more to life. I certainly believe this. I believe we are eternal Souls, points of light. Our true nature is peace, purity, love, joy and wisdom. When we are in fear, anger, ego, selfishness, lust, attachment, greed etc we are far from our truth. This in turn makes us deeply unhappy at a spiritual and physical level. But, let us not lose hope, for we can fix this with meditation, journaling, being true to ourself and not focusing so much on fitting in with how society thinks we should be, or what we think society wants us to be. Be the point of light, the soul, shinning in the middle of your forehead, remember you the soul are eternal and return to your goodness. intention, detachment, habits, soul

Self care encompasses many tools, from eating right, exercise, socialising, clean home, reading fiction / non fiction, pampering, meditating and journaling. I love them all.

What tools do you use to take care of your whole self? What is the impact of you not using your self care tools?

Find happiness in the little things. Take care of yourself and you will be your own rock, your own coach, and the Divine will be able to inspire you. When I say take care of yourself I mean take care of I the Soul, the point of eternal light, of pure love and goodness. We are more much much more. We the being, in Human Being.

I share my favourite meditation commentary of all time. If you are new to meditation, just go with the flow of the words. Meditation is not the art of emptying your mind of thoughts, but changing them, slowing down, refocusing on you the Soul and the connection with the Divine. I hope you enjoy it.


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27 thoughts on “Self Care – How Do You Take Care Of You?

    1. That is fabulous! A regular routine of self care really sets the day the mind set. A very beautiful way to start each and every day.

      Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment.

      Thank you loved reading your self care tips

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  1. Journaling is a good one! I write in a journal as well, although not enough. I think my self care go-to is stillness. I have two little ones who are five and two years old, so i’ve come to need and appreciate the few quiet moments I can snag.

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    1. Oh gosh young kids, yes whatever quiet time you can snag! I love to journal it clears the mess and results in a motivated me. I hope you like the meditation? Thank you for reading and taking time to comment. Have lovely day / evening. Regards bella


  2. A beautiful post dear Bella πŸ™‚πŸ’œ Daily walks in nature and regular meditation are important parts of my self-care. However busy I am, I’ll always make time to switch off, relax and recharge . Thank you so much for sharing this meditation, it’s one of my favourites too πŸ€—πŸ’– xxx

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    1. Hi Xenia, thank you for your beautiful comment. Yes, I can see your walks with your lovely whippets is a very beautiful act of self care, love for nature and the animal kingdom. You are right, no matter how we get we must switch off. Oh I am glad this is your favourite meditation too. Have a lovely evening. Regards bella

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