Thoughts on Fear

Fear and doubt stop us from flying

Stop us from living

Limit our experience of life

Lead us to make wrong choices

Create tension, worry and anxiety.

Then when we do what we fear, in whatever capacity, be it a small baby steps or big-ish step, we look back and think, why was I so scared, it wasn’t’t so bad.

We need to learn to step into fear

To trust it will be okay

To have faith it will be okay

To have courage it will be okay

To not worry what the outcome will be, because I can handle it.

Most of all we need to trust our-self, that we can handle what needs to be handled. We need to understand that we will always most past a fear and it will be replaced by a new fear. That us why we must keep facing fear head on, via baby step, then we won’t freeze with fear.


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