Is The Grass Greener on the Other Side?

Some of may feel that this person has it better than us ? Or we may feel it would be better to change our country of residence and live in another country? Or we may feel their quality of life is better?

Do you feel this way? Did you feel this way? What stopped you feeling this way?

Is the grass greener on the other side? What makes the grass greener on the other side? Are we all supposed to live a similar life? Who says your life isn’t great?


I don’t think I have suffered from the feeling the grass is greener for others to such an extreme that I dislike my life. However, I have certainly in my younger years wished for things to be a certain way. But, may be life and God knew better! I never got the things I thought I needed whilst under the influence of thought that the grass is greener for others, or this is the way life should be.

Today, I am so grateful for all I have in my life and I know some will say to me, what do you have in your life? They will look at my life and see things as negative , or weak. But, what life has taught me, through all my pain and hardships, that yes it would nice to have had less pain and hardship. But, all those things have shaped me, I love my life, I may not be a lady of leisure, I may NOT have oodles of money, but inside I love my life.


The point I wish to make with this post is that, we should really look at all we have in our life and appreciate it and be grateful. Then, we should closely inspect the person life who we feel has it better than us, and you might be sooo shocked by their life that you think, OMG what was I thinking!

Life is unique, and we are unique. We all need different things to make us happy. There might be some similarities but those are not enough to change your whole life for . I thank my self for never really falling into the trap life is greener on the other side. Having said that, I know when we are younger or in extreme pain it always looks better on the other side of the fence . But, when we look at life with clear eyes, when our life is good, when we look and observe, then we really see the beauty of our life and the hardships and we appreciate our uniqueness. There are times we wish life was easier for sure. But, then it gets boring! Another thought to put into this mix that when you live your life in the service of others as well as time for yourself, you find yourself. If we are fiercely independent or some call it selfish, or we just want want it our way, or we just can’t sacrifice our time for others we miss out on a great life lesson, we miss out on an opportunity to grow. By the way, I am not saying the service of others in terms where you are a door mat, no way should we be a door mat! But, service of others that enhances another’s life, because such activities create a realisation in ourself that shape is in such an such away that we become who we are meant to become. However, make sure to keep the balance right.


Live a full life to find who you are. Understand who you are. Be proud of you. Be kind and compassion to yourself and others, and then you will have no problem walking on to the dance floor of life of life and dancing your life and making friends along the way, some for life and some for that short time. Understand yourself and you will never feel life is greener on the other side, we are too unique to have the same life.

Please share your contemplation on this topic in the comments below. I have highlighted a few thoughts that have stirred up in my thoughts, Iwould love to hear your thoughts.


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23 thoughts on “Is The Grass Greener on the Other Side?

  1. Bella, just wanted to let you know I went back to your piece of mind series… I’m sharing these with my fibro support group… I’m hoping some of these gals will find some ‘peace’ as I will be searching for my own. Hope this is OK. They will be directed to your post to read the post. FYI, comments are closed. I must tell you, I’m so excited to have the time to do the prompts you laid out in this series! Wahoo! I believe it will be very helpful!😊💜

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    1. Kim you are more than welcome to share. Thank you for your kind gesture. I am glad you like the peace of mind series. It is good to revisit these then we can see how far we have come. I will see about comments tomorrow, I am bit exhausted right now.

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  2. The grass is never greener! Haha. If you are looking at someone else’s life you get the highlight reel, the good times only, just like looking at someone’s social media! But each life is unique, ups and downs, joy and sadness. I think down deep we know this… as we age we certainly learn this. No matter our hurdles we are blessed to be able to live our own way. I think! I’m glad to be me and I’m so very glad you are you!!! 😊🦋

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