Goal Setting – A New Approach – Minimum, Target, Outrageous Goal Setting – With Free Booklet.

  • Set Goals that are achievable and not overwhelming.
  • Set Goals that are realistic.
  • Don’t set your goals so high that you fail.

The Minimum, Target and Outrageous Goal setting process (MTO Goal Setting process) is a wonderful way of setting goals and achieving them.

I have created a little pdf booklet that gives you the basics on what goal setting, braining storming goals and a template that you can use to list your goals using the MTO method.

I include a youtube video link on this goal-setting method. It is great method and since I have started to use it, it has made a great difference. Based my usage of this method, I have created a booklet, that is included below.


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Here is a glimpse of some of the pages of the booklet.

FREE Download HERE

Here is the Youtube video that explains the MTO goal setting method.


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26 thoughts on “Goal Setting – A New Approach – Minimum, Target, Outrageous Goal Setting – With Free Booklet.

      1. Hi Brigid, can I take your help with something. I just created a private post, can you see if you can get to it and can you tell me what you see.

        I am thinking using this option on wordpress as away to do an online workshop or something ?

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    1. What do you think of my other comment? I am looking to start making some £$ of this blog. I am thinking providing some sort of virtual class or something, or could I do this purely via my blog.

      I lost my job in Oct 2019, a long with others. but for me to find another job that meets my part time requirements seem quite slim. So I gotta think outside the box a bit

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      1. I am sorry to hear you lost your job Bella. However, perhaps you can expand into virtual classes or classes in local community projects, yoga groups, women’s sheds…
        I am not sure how payments would go via your blog. It would be worth checking with others who have a payment button.

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      2. I have a payment button on this post, but it is voluntary contribution. I felt a bit bad charging for the booklet so gave it for free and a note say if people want to do a voluntary donation.

        Thanks for your useful suggestions will look into them. Thanks

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