Wordless Wednesday

I took a few photos, from a recent visit to Nairobi, Kenya.

I am not a great photographer. But, here is a little sun, for those in grey and cold weather countries, like me in the United Kingdom!

Before the photos, here is a quote for all quote lovers like myself.

This is the garden in a block of flats.

Is the umbrella drying after the crazy rains, is it protecting the plant from the rain or the sun ??🤔

Only in tropical countries does your garden grow bananas, and hanging bird of paradise flowers


And then in a private garden, you have mangos, pomegranates and even avocado’s. But, I could manage to get a photo of the avocado’s..


I miss the fresh clean air and the sun. But, I definately return with more appreciation of my life in the UK. Not that I was not grateful before, I was, but I just see more to be grateful for. Also, I didn’t realise how much I needed a break, until I returned back to the UK! Does that even make sense?

All photos taken myself. I am not a photographer by any means.

Nevertheless, please respect these as my copyright on all these photos.


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