6 Books That Helped Me in My Career Lows!


The Back Story

I have had a successful career and still do. I am degree educated, and I have had multiple successful jobs from very small companies, local industries to multinational. I have to say I love working for multinationals as you get to work with colleagues all around the world and different time zones. I have been able use my degree in my work places.

I did a thin sandwich at university and I worked and study every 6 months. We didn’t really get any down time. I graduated in the middle of recession. So, I have been working for a good 4 years before I even graduated!


Working and having a Career is not easy! School or University doesn’t prepare you for everything. Well mine didn’t. I didn’t get a graduate job when leaving university, which I think might have made a big difference in my life. Actually, in my last year of University my father passed away – and let me tell you I am a daddy’s girl. But, hey life is life and time moves you forward, like it or not. It has now been 26+ years since finishes University, man I feel old!!!

So What, what is the point of this back story!

Basically, life is not easy! I was a mixed bag of emotions in my working life and career. I had really good jobs and great bosses. I had really great job and killer bosses. I lost my confidence so many time I can’t count. I regained my confidence and then personal life hits or something else hits. I have changed jobs many times, I have been made redundant many times, and I have tired different jobs. I have worked from 6am to 11pm at night for months on end! I have travelled far for jobs. I have had clients who just didn’t like my face! Seriously!


Point being – Life is not easy! Stuff happens!

But one thing is for sure, that within all the pain there is a lot , a lot, a lot of learning and growth. You become a better person, even if you feel crushed by it all. You gotta laugh and smile at life! Seriously you gotta.

My Biggest learnings are :

  • Don’t take it personally
  • Get thicker Skin
  • Leave work at work – that is, when you go home forget the job let it go.
  • Journal your through the pain
  • Exercise
  • Enjoy life
  • Work on your weakness privately
  • Affirmation and Gratitude work
  • Talk to really close people
  • Know that some Bosses are Just Angels and you grow and life is just heavenly!
  • But not all bosses are the same!! Therefore, don’t take it personally ever!! Nor are all companies the same!

What would I say to my younger self when it comes to a career?

Well, All of the above. Please don’t compare yourself to others who seem to have “made it” in your eyes. We are all different! We are not meant to be the same! Hard work does pay! Working for a company especially a large one will allow you to grow on so many levels. It is all good! Be you! You don’t need to be anyone else!


The point of this post is ?

The point of this post is to list Books that have helped in all the career and life pain! That have helped me get over the pain and have allowed me to see the light (lol). That have given me hope when all I wanted to do is cry!

Why am I sharing these – well – I really hope they can help you! These are the books that helped me the most in the times of pain. Once I was able to implement these teaches in my life I was able to read other books that enhanced my career – which will be another blog post. But, for now this blog post is about books that help you or helped me get out of pain in difficult stages in my career. They are books I go back to from time to time. These books are geared at our emotions, our view point, they are not about moving your career forward or dealing with difficult people ( that will be another blog post later on). These books are all about getting me , I, your inner self right, everything else falls into place.

The books that helped me.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small amount of money if you make a purchase from any of the Amazon links included. At no cost you.

Click on the images (links) below and you will be taken to Amazon where you can view the books and see if you want to invest in any of them.

I recommend all these books.

If you want to start somewhere may be you can start with Fish, that really helped, which then lead me to buying Simple Abundance which lead me to journal and practise gratitude.

Also, the little book of confidence is a good starting point. It lead me to buy feel the fear and do it anyway, which lead me to practising affirmations. I bought the majority of these book between 2001 – 2007.

The pocket size books are really helpful, and there is quite a few of them in the series. I actually have about 6 of them. But, it would be a bit ridiculous to list them all here. However, I do recommend them.

So there you go – A book list for the New Year.

I hope it helps you. And if you have other books to recommend, please comment below so that others reading this can take advantage of your knowledge.


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