Wishing You A New Year and A Happy New Decade!


H -Honesty and Humility, guide me into

A – Acceptance and Acknowledgement, with

P – Patience and

P -Persistence.  I do not loose hope or faith.  Knowing full well I will have a great

Y -Year ahead, because I have learnt to

N-Navigate life

E-Easily and masterfully.  Knowing full

W-Well, that storms will come, but I will Not

Y-Yield to them, I am stronger than before. I am

E-Enthusiastic about change and becoming a better person.  I

A-Accurately, live life taking nothing for granted, always thankful, and courageous.  I

R-Respect myself and others.  I honour differences and wish all well and goodness.

We are entering a New DECADE….

D – Decide to be bolder and more

E -Elevated in my thinking, and more positive

C – Creating space for creativity and calm

A -Aided by affirmation, gratitude and meditation

D – Determined to shine bright like the Diamond I am. Determined to be myself, unapologetic to my goodness. Humble in my ways, decisively calm in my choices and

E – Enthusiastic in my life and in my love for my family, and for the whole of man kind, for the goodness in all.

Wishing You All A Beautiful New Year, A New Decade, A New You, A New Chance and a chance to shine brighter than you ever did….

lots of love and thanks from Bella aka http://www.thoughtsnlifeblog.com

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