It is Okay NOT to Start Your Resolutions and Goals on The 1st January 2020!

Yeah, you read it right!

If you have a bee in your bonnet that you want to do some new goal, you don’t have to wait for the New Year to do it, you can start ASAP. It is better to strike whilst the Iron is HOT.

Or on the other hand….

You may have loosely figured out some goals and resolutions to start in the New Year. But, you just don’t feel like doing them!

So, Here it could be we lack passion towards the goal! We feel we should do it but we just don’t want too. We are just plain tired from the holiday seasons activities, we are shattered by all the work at work and we have just a system crash. By system crash I mean you, you’ve had a system crash were your body says no! Your mind say, no!

My point is, it is okay to let the first few days of the New Year glide by, whilst you subconsciously think of what you want to do in the New Year! You can then write them down and plan them out. You can reflect on the year that has passed at the beginning of the year, and then plan. There is no hard and fast rule that for your personal goals, you must start on the 1st January. You could have started way back in October, you can start in the 2nd week of January. The point is you can start at any time, but start when you feel passionate, in gear, and refreshed. When you have given yourself the time to reflect, dream, vision, write the goals, plan the goals, and fall in love with who you want to be.

I never start goals on 1st January. They are either months before or a week or so after the 1st January. However, that doesn’t mean that I am not thinking, or dreaming, or brainstorming… oh man, I sure am! I am creating in me a drive, a passion, and I am enjoying the down time of the holiday season.

So, if you are like me… then … Do join me this weekend 4th Jan 2020 where I will share reflective questions for us both, for us all …to see what 2019 was like? What did we achieve, what was great etc. To set goals, create a Kanban board and more..

For me it all about easing into the goals and fall in love with who I want to be, rather than rushing into then when I just feel too tired to.

Here are a few posts to get you ready for the weekend, to get you thinking, dreaming, brainstorming..!

Goal setting and free booklet

Kanban board to manage goals

I hope this has been a helpful post and look forward to seeing you here at this weekend.

Copyright 2020

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  1. Oh yes! It’s not like changing the calendar we need to change everything. After January everything goes back to the old self. I can see this clearly at the gym. January is a crazy month, lots of people show up, as the days go by not everybody keeps up.

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  2. Powerful thoughts! Thank you for sharing. I am incredibly grateful that the sunrise, my prayer time, an awesome call from my daughter and quiet in the house has put me fully in-gear and engaged to start the new decade with power in his presence!

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