8 Questions to Help you Reflect on the Past Year (2019) and Past Decade and Create a Vision for the Future.

When we review our life, when we reflect on what we have done, what we have become, what went well, and what did not go so well. We learn so much more about our self. We appreciate our self , we acknowledge our story and we fall in love with our self.

We can change things we don’t like, we can become wise and not repeat the mistake again, and we can pat ourselves on the back and acknowledge how much we have achieved.

Some of Our achievements will be what we had planned to achieved, but, some of our achievements will be dealing with the unplanned.

Reviewing the decade, and the year had has just gone is a positive activity. You don’t have to spend ages on it, it can be a quick exercise or you can do it over a few days.

The point is not to overwhelm you, but to fall in love with who you have become and how far you have come.

When we appreciate who we have become we can decide what we want the next year to look like, what we want to bring into the next year.  Which might be to simply carry on with what we are doing, but with more focus, drive, and determination. Or it might a set of small changes or some major life changes.

I have created a pdf printable of these questions, should you want to write these down on pen and paper.

The Questions

What did I achieve this year, this decade?

List everything from the small to the big.

What went well for me?

What didn’t go well for me? Was it in my control? 

What have I learned about myself?

What do I want to change about myself?  What do I want to keep doing?

This really isn’t part of the review.  But, now that we are here reviewing what has gone, let us dream of what we want in our future.

What newness am I going to bring into my life? In what areas of my life: Work, Home, Relationships, Health, Finances, and others…

What do I want the next Decade to look like for me? What is my dream life? What type of person do I want to be? What is important to me?  What is not important to me?

What am I going to do in 2020 that takes me closer to what I want my dream life to be?

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13 replies

  1. I see people on social media reference a year as if it was a person, “shove off 2019, you stank,” or “1999, you did good, well done.” This I find very odd, but I see it more and more. Humans blaming, not bad behaviour or the weather or lack of compassion for what went before, but a ‘date’, a collective group of days. “Let us pray that 2020 does a better job” stated one headline. Really! We as humans are the only ones who can make things either wrong or right. One person at a time, responsible for actions, words and attitudes we chose. A year is a measure of how far individually we have come, as is a decade, a lifetime and a moment. So each of us need to be the best people we can be every day. Then collectively it may be contagious like Spike Milligans smile. I hope your 2020 give you great memories of the dreams you achieve.


    • I wish you a wonderful 2020 as a new year and decade. Yes making a point time as a person is odd, I really hope I haven’t made that .mistake in my post.

      I think as humans progress with all the mobile tech, and short attention span etc, I think people fail to understand it is their life their choice, and that we make it, what ever we want.

      Thanks for you comment. And I hope I haven’t made time a person in my post, otherwise I will have to edit 🤗


  2. Thought provoking questions Bella. The new year is always a great time to take stock, review where we’ve been and, more importantly, create a beautiful vision for the future. Hope you have a wonderful 2020. 🙏

    Liked by 1 person

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