16 Benefits of Meditation

What is all the hype about meditation? Why bother?

Are you happy inside? Truly happy inside?

Can you be completely alone and happy? Peaceful, and calm?

Do you get upset quickly?

Do you make bad decision? Do you regret things you have done?

Do you ask is this all to life?

Meditation and mindfulness are like the buzz words. But what does it mean to meditate? Why bother?

Meditation means to focus, to concentrate, to link with your spirit and to the divine.

Just think for a second. Does your mobile self charge itself ?

We are Souls, we are Spirits, and when we run on empty and full of junk, we don’t run. We feel empty and we feel what is the point. So guess what? Meditation is the charging of I the Soul. Like our mobiles can’t run on empty or when they are full! Then how can we? We CAN’T and that is why we crash!

Here are a few of the Benefits of Meditation

  1. Increased Focus & Concentration
  2. Increased Inner Calm and Peace
  3. Increased Self Respect
  4. Increased Accurate Decision Making & Discernment
  5. Increased ability to filter out what is useful and what is wasteful
  6. Increased Silence
  7. Decrease In Waste and Negative thoughts and actions
  8. You become more compassionate to yourself and others
  9. You become more giving and benevolent
  10. You become more full and positive
  11. Increased health and happiness
  12. What would hurt you intensely will become Water off a duck back.
  13. Your ego, anger, greed etc all lose their hold. You become altruistic and selfless.
  14. Meditation makes you more resilient to life
  15. Meditation helps you connect with I The Soul and The Divine.
  16. Meditation polishes your rough edges.

When meditation is practised daily be it morning or night, the benefits will unfold quietly and you will notice in you a change, and you will be amazed! And it will be like, look how far I have come. Meditation makes you resilient and you become your own rock. There comes moments in life where you need to be your own rock – believe me!

I share guided meditations weekly on my blog http://www.thoughtsnlifeblog.com

Below is a meditation you can start practising with.

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I believe that the thoughts we create impact our life greatly. If we are able to change our thoughts, redirect them, catch our negative thinking.We can change our life. Read my 'About' page to find out more about thoughtsnlifeblog.com

42 thoughts on “16 Benefits of Meditation

  1. I had tried mediating but after 3-4 days everytime I quit. There must be something I am doing wrong. Can you help me? What’s the proper way to mediate and how can I bring it to my daily routine?

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    1. Firstly there is no right way or wrong way to do meditation. Your minds job is to think. But our thinks rubbish and negative thoughts at such a crazy speed, that it is in a habit. Meditation helps us calm down the thoughts, the speed, and make them positive.

      I would say to listen to this meditation daily, when you feel like. The more times the better. But once a day in evening. Dont think am i going ghus right. Just go with the flow of the meditation commentary, and keep with it for the whole year. Just do it in the morning or evening for now. Then do it twice a day. Dont think too much, just go with the words. I share meditations weekly and sometimes daily. So just keep popping over, book mark and relisten. The magic will happen in time
      Just keep at it for at least 3 months. well keep at it fit the year and longer.

      You will see the difference over time. Dont over think it just listen to it until I share another one and you will in time see the difference. It takes time, you can’t rush it. But it will happen. It being. Feeling calm, whole and peaceful
      But you must do it daily repetition is key.

      All the best. It will work out.

      I hope this helps

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