A New Year – Is Not Always A New Start

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We all want to embrace a New Year, especially the New bit of it.

Life happens. Sometimes just before the New Year, we might be ill, or our loved ones might be unwell, or we might have lost our job, or we have lost someone or something else that shakes up our life, our equilibrium.

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Our New Year doesn’t start a New at all. We put a brave face on, we smile a forced smile, we run on exhausted, and we see no hope for the immediate future. Frankly, we just want to curl up cry.

Cry as it is healing. But, then remind yourself of your strengths and courage.

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Hang in there. Stay strong.

It will be what it has to be and you will manage.

Take time to rest, to eat, to crash, to be alone, to take strength from the Divine, watch a feel good movie , to cry, to scream, to meditate, to do light exercise.

But, remain positive, remain strong, believe that you can face life, that you can strive. Know that you will come out of this stronger.

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And remember the New of New Year is not restricted to January first. The New, can be the start of a New Day, A New Morning, or A New after/ evening.

There is always A fresh new day after night.

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7 thoughts on “A New Year – Is Not Always A New Start

  1. …And just like that you’ve provided us with lots of “NEW” perspectives, which I for one love love love. New Year’s Eve is my favorite night of the year. I get the biggest kick out of letting one year go, while being alive and well to toast (champagne or no) a new year in. However, I enjoy a new day, a new week, a new month too. This year we have a whole new decade. Very exciting! 🙂

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