How to Create A Meditation Space/Nook In Your Home

How to Create A Meditation Space/Nook In Your Home

Where ever we live, be it large or small, we can create a little corner in our home to meditate in. It doesn’t have to be grand, it can be small. And it doesn’t need much. Just a few things that you might have already around the house.

Here is my nook! Small isn’t. But, I love it.

How to Create A Meditation Space/Nook In Your Home

5 Benefits of Creating A Little Meditation Nook in Your Home

  1. When we meditate in the same place every day we increase the positive vibrations of that area in our home.
  2. That vibration spread to the rest of the home and your life.
  3. It becomes a sacred place.
  4. The place makes it easier to get into the state of meditation more quickly, as that place has built up hours of positive energy.
  5. It helps to create and maintain the habit of meditating.

There are a few items I keep in my meditation nook.

Here is a close up of my nook, in our sitting/living room.

How to Create A Meditation Space/Nook In Your Home

Himalayan salt lamps

I have a CD player there (but now a days I use my phone for music or commentaries), I have flowers there, and I have some tea lights and candle holders there.

I love using himalayan salt tea lamps to create the ambience in my nook.

How to Create A Meditation Space/Nook In Your Home

Himalayan Salt Lamps

I read somewhere that himalayan salt lamps neutralise the electronic waves in the home or where ever you use them. I love the energy the himalayan lamps give. They generate a gentle wave of peace in the home, and create a beautiful warm glow. I have opted for the tea light version of the himalayan lamp because I like the warmth and glow of them.

You can purchase a similar himalayan salt tea lamps from amazon by clicking this link, it wasn’t that expensive and I have had it for 10 years now. I also buy my tea lights from amazon too.

I hope that you enjoy creating a special place in your home to mediate in. Remember, you don’t have to buy a load of stuff to make it lovely. Just use what you have around the house.


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