Thoughts on Mankind

Today is the anniversary the Liberation of Auschwitz.

Just look at some of the pictures here What bravery! I can’t imagine.

My emotions run high. I cry! We are all “old Human Souls”, the Soul is immortal, who knows what our story was! What we have seen and experienced in our past human births?

The reason I feel like crying is that I still question, is the world a better place?

There is still hatred, prejudices and unfairness in the world. From a country to country level, from different cultures, to neighbours on your road, to anger on the streets and roads, and to family members.

Hate and dislike are seeds, a thought in our minds. That if we nourish, we really haven’t learnt anything about being a human being. A being of compassion, kindness of love and warmth.

It makes me cry!

Because, no matter how wise we think we human beings are. We are not caring, kind or accepting of each other. When in your own family, or your own culture, people treat each other badly, then… what is our society. Who are we as the individuals that make up society, and our culture? Who are we to be unkind to hate?

Just look at this picture (below) of the Fox and Baby Koalas taken from the internet (from the recent fires in Australia)!

What does it say? What emotions does it create in your heart?

If the animal kingdom can take care of itself so lovingly, and feel each other pain and hardship and comfort each other.


Can we NOT do this for another human being. After all we are the same species? I feel like crying because, I feel we aren’t much more developed..

From the internet

It is the individuals that make up society. We can only change ourself to become a better person. It is in our individual change that leads to the world becoming a better place.

Never let petty hate, anger, jealous poison your character, Because, that is what spills out into society. Let go, forgive, move on, and be kind and caring always, be bigger than your pain.

” Never let a man pull you so low that you hate the” Martin Luther King.

I wrote a post back in 2016 A haters going hate you regardless. The post is about accepting, moving on and always having good wishes and good thoughts. Never, come down to level of others hate, because then there is no difference between you and them!

Though I feel like crying, I recognise I can change myself and inspires other to be great. If we all change we can change the world to be a better place.

It has been a while since I shared a string a quotes on this blog. There are the ones that speak to me today.

Victor Frankly wrote a book called Man’s Search for Meaning. Victor is a survivor of the camps. This quote is a power quote from the book. The book is worth reading. Imagine the strength of those who survived and those who go there to pay tribute today.

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25 thoughts on “Thoughts on Mankind

    1. Hi Nigel, I am holding a blogging party this weekend. I would love to you pop over for a little bit, it would be lovely to have other bloggers to get to know your blog. I think there might be a good few new bloggers.

      look forward to seeing you

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    1. Yes we must not forget history,nor must we let it happen again, in any shape or form. Even the tiniest hate or prejudice is not acceptable because from that seed a forest of hate can grow. To be kind, compassionate and human is what we should be always.

      Yes that fox and koalas is so precious!


    2. Dear Jess, I am holding a blogging part this weekend. It would be lovely to have you come and share your blog and mix with the other bloggers. It is a virtual party. I hope you can make it for a short time.


      1. Hi Sam, I am holding a virtual blogging party this weekend. It is great opportunity to share your blog and connect with other blogger. If you can make it for a short time, it would be great to have you.


      2. Oh thank you so much! I’m not super sure how that works 😂? I’m under medical care this week but I hope to be going home soon if all goes well. I might be able to do it either way, depending. 🤗


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