Save the Date – Blogging Party At on Saturday 1st Feb and Sunday 2nd Feb 2020

Well, Friends it is about time a held a blogging party. I have been blogging randomly for about three and half years and I have attended a couple of blogging parties in that time.

Actually, my first blogging party was a bit of a joke. When I started blogging, I had no clue about blogging and what a party was. I got invited to a party and the blogger lives in Dubai and I don’t . Well, I am telling you I was clueless! Can you image the mad thought that went on in my little head!!

Those of you who are new to blogging. A blogging party is a virtual party !

It is where you mix and mingle, by leaving a link to your blog or a blog post in the comments section of my party blog post. Then, you go to the other comments left by other blogger, and visit their links and their blogs and get to know each other. The point is to mingle, get to know other bloggers you might not meet and support each other, grow your tribe.

The rules are simple:

  1. The party is child friendly – therefore keep the blog post shares child friendly
  2. Visit at least 3 or 4 new bloggers blogs, read their post and leave a comment. Don’t just like, leave a meaningful comment. Or may be even follow them!
  3. Leave a link to your about page, or a blog post. Explain your blog and what it is about. Optionally you can say how long you have been blogging and where in the world you live.
  4. Enjoy
  5. Build a community
  6. If you share food blog post, can I ask you to make them Vegan/ Vegetarian friendly – Ie no Meat, Fish, Eggs etc – Cause your host (aka me) is a little fussy – sorry! But, it is my party and I can cry if I want to ! lol

So my dear blogging friends, you are warmly invited to virtual blogging party this on Saturday 1st Feb and Sunday 2nd Feb 2020 at

The Party blog post will be shared friday 31st Jan 2020 at midnight to allow for all bloggers in all countries to take part. I had to extend the dates, because it is the super bowl on Sunday ( I didn’t know, I live in the UK).

Music: Downloaded from youtube. Image: from Canva. Words from me!

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