Closed – Blogging Party – It is time to Party! Saturday 1st Feb to Sunday 2nd Feb 2020

Dear friends and new friends you are warmly invited to my first ever blogging party from Saturday 1st Feb to Sunday 2nd Feb 2020.

I have been blogging randomly for about three and half years and I have attended a couple of blogging parties in that time. But, this the first one I am holding.

Actually, my first blogging party was a bit of a joke. When I started blogging, I had no clue about blogging and what a party was. I got invited to a party and blogger lives in Dubai and I don’t . Well, I am telling you I was clueless! Can you image the mad thought that went on in my little head!!

Those that are new to blogging. A blogging party is a virtual party !

It is were you mix and mingle, by leaving a link to your blog or a blog post in the comments section of this party blog post. Then, you go to the other comments left by other blogger, and visit their links and their blogs and get to know each other. The point is to mingle, get to know other bloggers you might not meet and support each other and increase your tribe.

The rules are simple:

  1. The party is child friendly – therefore keep the blog post shares child friendly and civilised.
  2. In the comments of this party blog leave a link to your about page, or a blog post you want people to read. Explain your blog and what it is about. Optionally, you can say how long you have been blogging and where in the world you live. Or anything else you want share about your blog as a conversation piece. Please do not leave more than two links to your blog.
  3. Visit at least 3 or 4 new bloggers blogs via the link left in the comments of this party blog post. Make sure to read their post and leave a comment on their blog site. Don’t just like, leave a meaningful comment. Or may be even follow them!
  4. Enjoy
  5. Build a community
  6. If you share food blog post, can I ask you to make them Vegetarian friendly – Ie no Meat, Fish, Eggs etc – Cause your host (aka me) is a little fussy – sorry! But, it is my party and I can cry if I want to ! lol.
  7. ALL COMMENTS WILL BE MODERATED, and I WIll DELETE anything that is not appropriate, or of bad taste, or unkind etc. But, I AM CONFIDENT THAT everyone will be respectful and appropriate.

Enjoy the Virtual Food, The virtual Home, the virtual ambience and the live music (which I might change from time to time).

Enjoy the party weekend. Be sociable, mix and mingle and make the most of the opportunity to make new blogging friends, discover new blogs, be inspired by other bloggers and their work.

Have fun.

Music: Downloaded from youtube. Words from me!

Images:, pixabay, google, instagram, canva, or created by myself.

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  1. Friends I have also written a beautiful Poetry Book and it is known as Poet’s Touch by Kamal Roohani and it is available on Amazon Kindle as an Ebook. It is very nice and easy to read and has a touch of beauty, love and spirituality in it. I have also published the book in India where I stay in a place known as Mumbai and by the grace of God, have done great sales. Also many of my lovely and kind hearted bloggers have downloaded my book from Amazon Kindle and have written great reviews in my book.

    I feel so happy and joyous to have such lovely friends who have supported and motivated me in my first endeavour. There is no link as such on Amazon Kindle if someone wishes to read the book. You have to simply type Poet’s Touch By Kamal Roohani.

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  2. Hi Bella! And hellow to all lovely bloggers!

    It’s really nice to join this blogging party. All thanks to Bella for bringing us together on same platform.
    Though I’m a little busy today so with just a quick hello leaving my blog links here. I have two blogs on wordpress one is my poetry blog other is my Autobiography. Would love to see you all there. Here is the link to both the blogs
    Wings of poetry-
    Reaching home to self

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  3. I’m here Bella! Hello all!

    My name is Kim, I’ve been blogging for about three years and this is my first blogging party. This is quite cool. Food, music, and links to follow! It is still very early in the morning where I live. I just wanted to check in before I make coffee.

    I blog at

    I need to follow some of these links. I’m very excited! This is a great way to meet and support each other!

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  4. Hi everyone, from Melbourne Australia. I’m Miriam and I love sharing my travel and camping stories from down under mingled in with a bit of inspiration. I’ve been blogging for over five years but haven’t been to a blogging party for ages so I thought I’d drop by! 😊Great to be at your party Bella! You know how much I love your quotes, meditations and wise words. I also love my wine and pizza 🍷🍕 but it’s getting late here so maybe I’ll stick with a green tea tonight! Anyway, here’s a link to my latest post on our Australia Day weekend recently.

    It was good to get out there and spend some money in some of our fire effected communities. Happy partying everyone. 😊

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  5. Hi Bella and everyone here. I didnt know about blogging parties :))

    Ive been blogging for the best part of 4 years – at least on the current projects anyway.
    Im in the unlucky category of owning 2 blogs. It didnt start out that way, but eventually there was conflict and a separation was in order.

    I have to say I feel very self concious when blogging. I second guess everything I do. Thats no thanks to my Social Anxiety. What a lovely super power to have! I also can tag on CFS as well. Those 2 made my decision to make a newish blog for wellbeing.

    My main passion and hobby is gardening and more importantly kitchen gardening. It was like an institution with my parents and grandparents. I grow veg in the sunny world of Manchester.

    Im also a web designer by trade for around 25 years. Two blogs is enough so this one didnt get a look in.

    Nice to meet you all 🙂

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  6. My Name is Will,

    “All rivers lead to the same ocean, just do not swim up stream.”

    Inspiration, motivation and all of the components of life have been a wonder to me since I could remember. A heart bigger than I can handle was once a down fall, before I discovered my ability to help others was a blessing. Understanding that through connection and writing the world can become a smaller place. Giving back to those around me has been a goal that has been taken seriously the past few years. I does Business Development during my day’s and I work on myself in my free time. My favorite motto? “Life is what you make it, choose to be who you want to be.” My main focus? To make motivation a personal experience.

    Stop in to to experience a blog and website that you won’t want to miss.

    Here are some links to check out!

    Today’s Post:

    One of my favorite:

    Get To Know Team Tangible: https://

    Have an awesome day everyone!


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  7. Wow, your blog party is already a big hit, Bella. Congratulations on its success.

    I’m Hugh, and I blog at Hugh’s Views and News. I blog about this and that and everything else. However, many of my most popular posts are about blogging and social media. I share the tips I have learned in my six years of blogging (I’ll be celebrating six years of blogging on the 12th Feb). I also write flash fiction and participate in lots of blogging challenges which cover both writing and photography. Like blogging parties, they are a great way of finding new blogs to follow and getting to know other bloggers.

    I’m leaving a link to one of my recent posts which explains how and why every blogger should back-up their blog content.

    I’ve also self-published two short story collections which I would have never written or published had it not been for the encouragement and support I have had from the blogging community. If you’re a fan of unexpected twists and turns in stories, then you may like to check my books out. My first book, Glimpses, even has a short story about a group of bloggers who stumble on a mysterious app that threatens to wipe out humanity. Can they save the world?

    The book page on my blog has details of both of my books.

    As an incentive, I’ll like to offer a free copy of either book to one lucky participant at this blog party. All you have to do is select a winner, Bella. I will then contact the winner so I can send them a copy.

    Have a great time all.

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    • Hey Hugh, welcome lovely to have you. Keep popping in to the party over the weekend and connect.

      Dear All, I love Hugh’s blogging advice is so practical and helpful. He does a lot of how to do, and tips.

      He takes a great photo or two

      And his fiction, well it feels a bit real sometimes.

      Welcome Hugh, have fun.

      Thanks for joining.

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    • Hi Hugh, wow six years nearly! I have such fond memories of your early photo challenges. You’ve always had an amazing blog and even though I don’t get round to visiting you as often as I used to (life and stuff!!) you have so much to offer the blogging community. Have fun!

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      • Thanks, Miriam. Unfortunately, I had to discontinue to the photo challenge I ran because it got too big and I was using all my spare time in just replying to comments on it. It was a big hit, but I’m glad that for the 32 weeks it ran, it brought a lot of bloggers together. Blogging should always be about fun and enjoyment. If it gets too stressful or starts making you feel guilty, it’s time to either change the way you blog or move on to something else.

        Great to see you here. This is one of the most successful blogging parties I’ve attended.

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      • Yes, I can imagine it got hard responding to all the comments Hugh but it was great while it lasted and it did bring many of us together. You’re so right, blogging’s all about the enjoyment and engagement. Bella’s party has sure been a big hit. I guess it’s been a while for many of us, so a great chance to reconnect and re-engage. Happy blogging 😊

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      • Thank you, Tamara. And thank you for reading my blog post about backing up blog content. I’m so pleased that the post was helpful. Too many bloggers forget to backup their blog content. I know at least two bloggers who’ve lost all their blog posts and content because they’d never backed it up. You can imagine how bad they felt. It taught me a lesson in remembering to back content up.

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  8. Hello all! I’m a wellness educator. I blog about brain health and whole body wellness. The link is to my recipe site. (I have 2 blogs) on the recipe site, I try to share only healthy, whole food recipes. The post I’m sharing here are 9 “longevity” recipes from (All vegan/vegetarian) Blue zones researches places in the world with the most 100 year old ppl and longest lived ppl. (Aka: blue zones)

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