Sunday Contemplation – What is Your Sub Conscious Mind Telling You?

Sunday is generally a calm and peaceful day. It is a good day to sit silently and contemplate life. Where you want to go, who you want to be, and what you represent from an ethical and moral view point.

Also, it is a good time to look at life and challenge yourself to get rid off or deal with things that aren’t helping you grow. Our conscious mind is aware of so much. But our sub conscious minds knows the truth, that our conscious mind fails to recognise or admit.

Sitting in silence and listening to your sub conscious mind will reveal to you the answer to that difficult issue. Try it and see.

Even journaling and asking yourself why am I feeling like this, why am I stuck , will help the consciousness mind, hear the subconscious minds answer. In silence we can hear the answer and we become unstuck, truly.

Do try and comment below how it went.

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  1. I have kept journals my entire life. Writing for me is how I process and stay in touch with myself. When I started my blog here, I tended to neglect my daily journal. Over the summer as I unearthed a difficult memory of my trauma, I call it the pit of it all, I went through a spiritual awakening. My therapist suggested returning to my journal habit. She suggested I needed to keep doing “dumping my mind” writing, unofficial writing…not just my polished public writing for my blog or my poems.
    Boy was she right because it feels so good to emotionally vomit into there 😄
    Great post, thank you for this topic. I live Sundays too….I am off on Mondays so Sunday is my last day of my work week. Enjoy your day my friend😁🙏💜

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