Because, The Way You Think Impacts Your Life and Your Health!

The Law of Attraction states that we attract our predominant thoughts.

Therefore, if our predominant thought is of a negative nature. For example, anger, fear, worry, revenge, sorrow or anything else negative we will manifest that, we will attract negativity in our life. We will at some time in the future be in some turmoil or life event that we created in our thoughts may be five years ago, or ten years ago , or longer, or just six months ago.

I believe that law of attraction works and, that the universe brings to us what we think about the most. Below are the reasons why I believe this to be true.

  1. I have seen this manifest in my life both in a negative form and in many positive forms.
  2. A few years ago I attended a talk where a women with a inoperable brain tumor, was interviewed about her book and how she healed her brain tumor. I subsequently bought her book and read it in October 2015.

The back story

In 2014 around March time, I faced the most awfulest situation in my life. Luckily, through meditation, intuition, courage and bravery, we stood up to what was unfairly being asked of us. In fact we did it very well. This event demonstrated that we or rather I was being tested for a predominate negative thought I had about 18 years earlier. When I was young and stupid! At a time I did not understand the law of attraction, and at that time I wasn’t really practising regular journaling, and wasn’t always meditating daily.

“When you are young, you see with one eye, and hear with one ear, When you grow up you, see with both eyes and hear with both ears. Anna Parkinson – interview with Dalai Lama – Change Your Mind, Heal Your Body

Even though we /I handled the situation well. Some of conversation exchanges of that situation, had got into my subconscious in a really deep and really painful way. I knew I had to forgive, let go, forget and have good wishes for the persons who created such pain. And I knew I dealt with the situation really well. I knew I had created this lesson and this situation with my thoughts from 18 years ago. But, the deep hurt of the cruelest of words broke my heart time and time again, and I just couldn’t stop replaying that scene of the past in my mind.

I have always had a deep feeling since a young age, that the pain in our life, the emotional pain in are life manifests in a physical illness. So I was working hard at forgiving, letting go, accepting and have good wishes for that person and that awful situation in 2014. But, still traces of those most disgusting words lingered in my subconsciousness and consciousness. The issue being, the event 2014 was not an isolated event, from this person. I had lost count of how many such events we had faced before. Call it the icing on the cake, or the straw that broke the camel’s back. The point being it wasn’t the only heartache faced, but it tipped me over because of the cruelest of thoughts that person had for me and my life and my future.

The break through

Then, in 2015, I was able to watch the interview with Anna Parkinson, and her story of her self healing an inoperable brain tumor with no medical assistance whatsoever. Anna wrote her story in a book, which I promptly purchased, and read her memoir of her recovery.

It was the piece I needed to read, to trigger in me WHY IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO FORGIVE, FORGET, LET GO, and HAVE GOOD WISHES!!!! Regardless, and why I have to do this!!

It was my abracadabra magic moment. Though I was trying hard to forgive, forget , let go have good wishes it just wasn’t happening. But after reading Anna’s memoir it changed!

Why I love Anna’s Book and Recommend it

Anne writes beautifully after all she was a BBC journalist. Without giving the whole book away.

My Summary Learnings from the Book

Let me say what I believe is the summary lesson for me from reading her book.

That is, the pain we feel in our life is held subconsciously. Sometimes, we don’t even realise we are in pain. We don’t even realise we are hurting, and then the body manifest a blockage of sorts because of that pain, that hurt. It seems a lot of people with brain tumors have healed themselves without being operated on. As we let go of each pain, as we let go of each hurt we break the block, the bondage of pain we have with that person and the block in our body releases itself. Now, we don’t have to do this infront of that person – thank God – because that would be too hard. When we let go at conscious and subconscious level with our thoughts, we heal. It doesn’t even matter if that person realises what they did or did not do, the point is we let go of the bondage of pain.

In her book, her memoir you learn as she learns how to heal herself. It is must read, a must re-read, it is a must to live a happy life. She explains at the end of her book many techniques to heal, but I say to you read the memoir fully before reading the techniques.

Pixabay achavezvargas0

There are many a passage in her book that touched me, that made me wake up… This is one such …

“The programmed death of our body’s cell’s is a key element of our health. The medical term for it is apoptosis, a beautiful Greek word that describes leaves falling from a tree or petals from a flower. To create, enjoy and to let go is part of the process of living, even on the microscopic scale of biology. You can liken the way this system functions in your body as the process of forgiveness, where we let go of the abuses or injuries of the past, allowing new growth to create life afresh.

Anna Parkinson. from Change Your Mind, Heal Your Body

I seriously recommend this book if you are looking to heal from an illness, or heal from emotional pain, or struggling to forgive, forget, or let go of a situation. When we stay in pain, we poison our body and we steal our happiness all by ourself.

The books Name is : Change Your Mind, Heal Your Body by Anna Parkinson. This book really shifted me. We all know how important forgiveness is but sometime we just get stuck. I hope this book will unstick you.

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20 thoughts on “Because, The Way You Think Impacts Your Life and Your Health!

      1. I understand totally. You will break through and win, you will. I am sure of it. I wish I could quote more from this book in this post, but really this book is something. In one of the chapters of the book she described how she screamed at a particular situation. That scream sentence resonated with me so much that it really made we shift gears. And really start healing.

        Keep at it you will win. Hugs

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  1. Law of attraction really works and I have experienced it in my life in many ways and yes writing everyday can rewire our mind.
    The biggest problem in life is…..people never wants to forgive other….. and unknowingly they are killing their own soul.
    Thus, it’s important to let things go.

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    1. Yes, not forgiving is killing our soul, it is slow poison. But, sometimes we don’t even know we are hurt. We are so busy in life that we don’t know we got hurt a long the journey of life.

      Thanks you for reading and commenting . Have a great week ahead.


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