Set Your Intention For The Day – Unity

When we wake in the morning. Or rather the night before, we should set our intention for the day to come.

An intention is an aim, a goal or an objective for the day, of how we are going to be. How we are going to be in terms of our character, our behaviour with others, and behaviour with ourself.

It is a way to make you a better person. It is a personal character goal, aim or objective.

For at the end of the day,it is our character that matters.

Let us make Unity our Intention for the day.

Let today’s intention be that of Unity.

Ask yourself what you think unity is ? What is your definition? There is no right or wrong. What does your heart say? What does your mind say?

Here are a few ideas on Unity




One Global Family of Human beings.

Unity with humans, animals, nature, etc

Unity is harmony.

It is a way of see the universe or this earth as one. We are all connected by this planet.

Unity is built from a shared vision for the common good of all humans, of all that share this earth our common home.

Or common good in our families, neighbours, cultures , or cities etc .

How can I apply unity in my life

I can apply unity in my life, when I

  • When I refuse to discriminates against others
  • When I refuse to join others in prejudices
  • When I see my ego and arrogance clearly and reform myself to be humble to others and myself
  • Solve conflict by listening and being patient and tolerant
  • Treat all people as members of a global family
  • Respect others lives and stop being selfish.

Affirmations on Unity

I am kind. I am compassionate. I am understanding. I am part of the Universe. I appreciate differences. I am respectful. I am a peacemaker. I care for all living things and this earth. I am part of this world. I share my goodness. I am caring and harmonious in all my thoughts, deeds, and feelings.

Thank you for popping by. I hope this post gave you some food for thought, do comment below. Do like, subscribe or share.

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6 thoughts on “Set Your Intention For The Day – Unity

  1. I love this! I feel like setting intentions is something I can definitely do more often. I like how you’ve got affirmations to go alongside your intentions. Very thoughtful and empowering 🌷

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