The Magic Of Daily Positive Thoughts and Routines

We all want to be happy.

It is easy to be happy when we are happy.

But, how can we be happy when we are sad? How do we stay continually happy, when all things around us make us sad for one reason or another? Or within one day we are a roller coaster of emotions, happy or sad multiple times in a day.

When we look with a positive vision, we can embrace new scenes with a sense of openness and adventure.

Raja Yoga Meditation – Brahma Kumaris Calendar

Life will always throw us curve balls. At happy times those curve balls are easy to handle. But, when we are at a low those curve balls become a bit impossible to manage.

That is, why daily routines, daily positive thoughts help us to bounce back, and build up resilience. When we practise being positive daily, and we practise acts of self care daily, we build resilience, emotional intelligence and a quite inner strength to deal with anything.

Challenging Negative thinking.

We can sometimes be stuck in a negative headspace. And all we can think of is doom and gloom.

When we get into these ruts of negativity.

We need to challenge those thoughts and change thoughts of “I am a failure” to “I have had many successes in…”.

Or When you have thoughts that undermine your confidence you need to ask yourself , what proof is there of this? You need to ask, I am reading this correctly or could I have got the wrong end of the stick. When we challenge the way we think, and we do this calmly, we realise we often over think and often have read it all wrong.

Sometimes, in life we are all alone, and sometimes everyone is around us. Either way, it is important to build resilience through daily Meditation, Affirmations, Gratitude, Journaling, and Believing there is good in everything.

Everything in my blog is all geared to personal development, positive thinking, winning over life and improving our self. I have many a post on all these topics. Do click on the links below to find out more, and get more insight.


Surround yourself with Positive Thoughts, Quotes, Intentions.


Journal affirmation,

gratitude or

plain simple journaling.

Managing the feeling of overwhelm at work

I found this article on How to be Happy by NY Times you might enjoy it.

Books that could help

A Parting thought

Remember, when we have a positive outlook on life then life can be easy to manage even at the hardest of times. When I choose to see benefit in the hardest of situations, I will see beauty in that difficult situation. Everything in our life has come to teach us something and make us a better person. It might be a tad painful, but, when we embrace the curve balls, they stop feeling like punches that take a breath away. We know that life will test us, and we just take the test in our stride. But, to be able to take life in our stride we need to have daily practises that we don’t skip a single day. Because, when you skip a day, it becomes 6 months and then you wonder I was okay before, what happened? Remember, Life is always ready to test you, so keep your daily routines, and always keep learning, how to be more positive and take God hand and the Universes hand in making you more positive and light in the face of bad and good times.

Change the way you think and life will never feel bad, even if it is bad. Don’t walk alone, God is by your side. Keep yourself ready to take any test paper by having a solid daily routine as described above in the tools section of this post.

Daily habits, make us great.

I hope this post has helped you think of ideas to implement into your life to help you live a beautiful life.

Thank you for popping by. Please like, share, subscribe, or comment.

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