How to A Create Simple Pinterest Graphics using Canva.Com

Today, I am happy to share with you post on how to create pinterest graphics using free account. It will help you raise your blogging and pinterest game. I really hope you like it.

Steps to Follow

Create your FREE account.

Log into Canva. You will see something like this. Or you may get some introduction pop ups. I am already a user of canva, so I see this.

Scroll to the Pinterest templates

Select a free Pinterest template to use. On your mobile app it is easy to see which templates are free. But, if you are using your desktop, you need to figure this out. The cost of some templates is not that much to pay. But, if you want to do it all free, this is how you find out.

Click on the image you like, then you will be taken to another tab. Click on the Download button (which should be visible, or click on the publish button then you see the download button). You will then see if the image is free or at a cost. Do not click the download button again, because then you will end up downloading it.

Now you have your free image.

As this the free version of, you can only change the text on this template. If you want to change the graphic/photos then I think you need to create a blank template, or sometimes the template does let you change the graphics. It is a bit of trial and error. This particular template did not allow me to change the graphics but that is okay.

Changing the text is simple, just highlight the text and type in what you want. You can also change the text size, the text spacing, line spacing , colour and so much more.

You have finished the template and it’s ready for you to use in you blog post, or on your Pinterest feed.

You need to Download it.

So click on the download arrow, and then click on the download button.

The image will be saved in your download folder or where ever your downloads go.

It is now ready for you to use in your blog post, as you can see I have used it in my blog post here.

I hope you like this simple how to guide to using It is quite easy to use, and I encourage you to use it, to created your pinterest pins. Or you can use it create blog banners, twitter banners, so much more as you will see when you get to

MY Pinterest Board

Why is it useful to have a pinterest account for your blog? Pinterest drives people to your blog, especially if your graphics are pretty.

This is a copy of my pinterest board for my blog. As you can see I have a mixture of pinterest graphics, but that is because there was a time I didn’t know what I was doing.

The advice on pinterest pins says it should be vertical.

I am still learning the ropes to pinterest and making it work for my blog and driving traffic to my blog. But, it is working, pinterest is driving traffic to my blog. Yeah.

Please do follow me on

Offering a Service

I am thinking of offering a service (with a minimal payment) to help you create a few pinterest graphic via Canva’s free option that you can use for your blog post old or new.

Would you be interested in this?

I have found a way of creating the template and sharing with yourself on canva, so then it appears in your shared folder and is yours to do what you like with.

I hope you found this post interesting. And I hope you have a go at using to create beautiful graphic for Pinterest and More. Enjoy being creative. And let me know if you would be interested in the service of me creating a few pinterest graphic at a small charge.

Thank you for popping by. Do let me know your thoughts, questions, or any tips you have in the comments below. Do like, share, subscribe to this blog.

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